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Alignment should not be played as a Dump Stat

Alignment should not be played as a Dump Stat

The mark of House Vadalis provides benefits related to the calming and controlling of animals. Seems a no-brainer that a Ranger or Druid might enjoy the option of taking this dragonmark. A deeper look into the talents of this House will provide a very important piece to the puzzle in this post; husbandry. It is a shame that with the arrival of the owlbear from Faerun we did not get an NPC bearing this mark to interact with or perhaps exchange a bit of lore. Maybe we do have one and I’ve missed him/her/it? Anyways; Remember Husbandry!

Spider Wasp; Pompilidae, Pepsinae, Cryptocheilus. Crypto; Oh, how delicious the sound. The spider wasp I’ve chosen is native to Australia but there are some wonderful examples in South America as well. The spider wasps I’ve encountered in Western Canada are several magnitudes less impressive; both smaller and bearing a more muted colouration, but they do exist. Don’t doubt that you have a few in your yard everyday of the spring and summer months. Look closer!!! With such an abundance of arachnids available to hunt, in both Eberron and The Forgotten Realms, I can’t accept that these predators don’t have a place in our game. Unfortunately, this post may ensure they never do ๐Ÿ™

Luedwig has always had trouble with the closed question. He means well but Sir Raleigh is not about the fourth option. A few examples of Luedwig’s misplaced need to provide too much information now follows: (I hope you’ve run the quest enough times to match Luedwig’s answers to the questions on your own.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

I take notes on the events leading up to and during my breaking of the law. If no one has been hurt and more importantly; if no one is the wiser, can this be turned to my advantage? (Dead release Korthos)

Having already boarded my ship en-route to the foreign port, I command the crew to make haste and I turn to wave a regretful farewell to the Tax Collector. In a race against earshot I frantically attempt to inform the poor fellow that having double-checked my books, it appears that for the past twenty years, Hazadill has been misdirecting 2/3 of my profits. I urge the Tax Man to revisit the Bugbear’s operation; specifically, the export of Kobold Pรขtรฉ and Teriyaki Jerky from the Halls of Shan-To-Kor. “You did know they eat kobolds, right?”
Almost as an afterthought I suggest he pay Baudry Cartamon a visit. At the top of my lungs, for we are making good speed; “I noticed a really big box in his warehouse this morning. Nooooo Paay-Purrr-Wooork!” (Dead release Korthos)

I seduce a Witch of the Lord of Light, consummate a child of shadow and prepare to accept my field commendation and promotion to the position of Regional Commander. (Dead release Korthos)

You don’t by chance happen to be good friends with a Witch of the Lord of Light do you? Sir Raleigh? (Dead release Korthos)

Or maybe a sister of… (Dead release Korthos)

I have a brother? No, I’m not interested in my brother… (Dead release Korthos)

(If you haven’t caught it by now this would be Frapped to imitate the Bugs Bunny Ep.73 High Diving Hare Skit with all the subsequent rezones inherent to Eberron when traveling from Gianthold to Korthos to Gianthold, past any possible recurring slayer zone names, up to The Prison of the Planes, past the befuddled Nimbus, “Again?!!” and finally left and up the hall to the unfortunate man waiting in the room of “Law”.) ๐Ÿ™‚

about the recent advances by House Vadalis in modifying the Spider Wasp to exploit a human host?

about the recent advances by House Vadalis in modifying the Spider Wasp to exploit a human host?

If you can’t read Luedwig’s full answer(a leading insinuation) at the bottom of the pic, due to light/dark contrasts, there is supposed to be some sort of refresh thing you can do….. Geoff?

Not following? I won’t provide a link cause there are sooo many awesome examples of these babies at play. Youtube…Australian spider wasp…if/when the wasp loses it’s concentration insert your imaginary duping friend in place of the spider and watch the fun. Am I over the top? Sure I am, obviously I am, in a video or two, you may catch the wasp snipping off the limbs of the duper, I mean spider. Even for me I think that’s going to far!

I’ll apologize when I believe they are capable of crying anything but Crocodile Tears. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for visiting,
Luedwig Bait H’oven Bahh! Who says I’m only fluff without any real opinions!
Thelanis 2006

Ps. Despite all that Luedwig has put him through, Sir Raleigh is impressed; “Luedwig, your sense of Law is beyond question. Even without a dream visor I believe your vision is truly Epic in scope! You have passed my test. ๐Ÿ˜‰ As Sir Raleigh begins to fade he reluctantly concedes; “Unfortunately, the spiders on Eberron have nothing to fear from these wasps. Someone would have to grow a pair to actually have the balls to push these nasties into production!”

PPs. Having just dropped in to view the High Diving Hare skit, I was flashed with a strange realization; Where the role of Yosemite Sam was supposed to be played by Luedwig, I realized that it wouldn’t work! Who isn’t ahead of me? Let Yosemite Sam fill your screen for, oh… a second? Now tell me who comes to mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

PPPs. *Hint: if a Paladin were ever to have a co-host…

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