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Nominate your favorites for the 2015 Gamey awards!

Don’t you think that it’s about time for DDO to have it’s own prestigious annual “best of” awards? Glamour, prestige, drama, nominations, “and the winner is“, fancy designer outfits, photo ops, awkward acceptance speeches, you know, those kinds of awards. And did I mention the prestige?

Or instead we can have some kind of digital image that I mashed up in about two hours and conduct a series of polls to see what wins.

This being, we can quickly eliminate anything that includes words like “prestige” and “fancy”, or “contains any meaning or value whatsoever”, leaving us with that digital polls thing.

So be it.

Announcing the First Annual Gamey Awards! The Gameys go to the year’s highlights, the very best parts of DDO, with final decisions made by you, the DDOGamer reading/DDO playing public.

The 2015 Gamey Awards!
Gameys will be awarded in each of seven categories:

  • Best New Content
  • Best System Change
  • Best Monster
  • Best Release Note
  • Best Quest
  • Best Raid

And the most coveted of all,

  • Best Update

For the next couple of weeks, will be accepting nominations in each of these categories. The top five nominees will appear in polls beginning mid-January, with the Gamey Gala award episode sometime in late January or early February, right smack in the middle of awards season.

Nominate your favorites by mentioning them in the comments below. Nominate as often as you wish, this is not a contest and there are no rules. Just write and let us know what you like.

The nominees for Best Update, Best New Content and Best Raid are already known, as there are only five eligible entries (or four in the case of Best New Raid):

Nominees for Best New Content

  • Codex War
  • Devil’s Gambit
  • Night Revels Festival
  • Reign of Elemental Evil
  • Trials of the Archons

Nominees for Best New Raid

  • Defiler of Justice
  • Legendary Hound of Xoriat
  • Legendary Shroud
  • Legendary Tempest Spine

Nominees for Best Update

  • Update 25
  • Update 26
  • Update 27
  • Update 28
  • Update 29

All the other categories are wide open!

In case an example would help, here are sample nominations for each category:

Best System Change: Legendary Green Steel. Warlock. New Fighter feats
Best Monster: the Archon model. Malicia as the boss in To Curse the Sky.
Best Release Note: Two Weapon Fighting now animates more quickly. Fixed the mouse wheel bug.
Best Quest: Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1. Grim and Barrett.

You may nominate as many entries as you wish in each category.

Yes you have almost two weeks, but there are holidays in there, and besides, the earlier you make your nominations, the more time you will have to second-guess yourself and resubmit as needed.

Ladies and gentlemen, start your nominations!

🙂 😀 🙂

  18 Responses to “Nominate Your Favorite Parts of DDO for the 2015 Gamey Awards”

Comments (18)
  1. I nominate Sally Field for Best Actress – “Places in the Heart”

  2. So… do award shows for food have NOM-inations?

  3. Best System Change: warlock. Best new content: temple of elemental evil

  4. I would like to nominate kobolds for the Best Monster, for they are still putting up with us in 2015. That is all.

  5. Night Revels was fun. Decaying mats was a real downer, tho.

    I don’t raid, so no puppies in that race.

    Update 27 had the new MM.. I’m in for 27, despite the lolz in 29.

  6. ToEE pt 1 @ content, TS @ raid, U29, New loot @ system change, Archon @ Monster

  7. Monster: Slaad blue or green not sure yet.
    System: gotta say new random loot scaling. The values might need some tweaking but the general idea is great
    Best quest: creeping death
    Best raid: legend shroud (think away the lag for now)
    Best other: Dragon in monster manual!
    Best new: night revels
    Best release note: the full loot post with picks and descriptions

  8. Oh…

    Monster: I’m gonna join Lexi and say Kobolds. They are pretty much the iconic monster of Heroic DDO.

    And wherever you want to add new stacking limits on Tools. THAT was a biggie.

  9. Anyone notice the white abisai? New model like blue slaad?

  10. Best system of 2015: Raid Runes.

  11. I think everything I’d nominate has been nominated 🙂

    Stacking tools is very handy, fixed mouse wheel bug, also very handy.
    (Except I still get the bug at least once per week… )

  12. Nominees for Best New Content
    Reign of Elemental Evil

    Nominees for Best New Raid
    Legendary Tempest Spine

    Nominees for Best Update
    Update 29

  13. Content: Night Revels
    Update: 26
    Continued support for established System would give credit to Monster Manuals.
    Best idea not yet implemented: Luedwig toggle. If I want to solo a quest Unscaled then I should be allowed to run the quest Unscaled.

  14. Here are my thoughts:

    Best New Content: Temple of Elemental Evil
    Best System Change: Reverting Magical Resistance from Heavy Armor, Random Loot Changes
    Best Monster: Slaad
    Best Release Note: New Monster Manual Volume
    Best Quest: Temple of Elemental Evil Part 1, To Curse the Sky
    Best Raid: Don’t raid currently-N/A
    Best Update: Update 29-The legendary quests, random loot changes, new shroud crafting

  15. Best New Content: Reign of Elemental Evil
    Best System Change: Thieves’ Tools Stacks. Codex Runes.
    Best Monster: Blue Slaad. Red Slaad. Corrupted Shrubbery. Erinyes. Arraetrikos.
    Best Release Note: Some Festivult Cookies have had their benefits changed. Critical Accuracy has been removed, and combined with Critical Mastery. The color of the top renown guild tier is now purple-ish.
    Best Quest: Temple of Elemental Evil Pt.1 &2. Creeping Death. Grim and Barett. The Archons’ Trial. Subversion.
    Best Raid: Legendary Shroud.
    Best Update: Update 25

  16. Emm… I don’t get it? How can we nominate e.g. best update or best raid of 2015.. when there has only been 4 updates/ year? Or is the nomination the same as voting? Or we nominate and you choose the winner?

    • The nominations for best raid, best new content, and best update are already set, because as you say, there were only the four updates.That still leaves four other categories; please nominate your favorites in those categories.

      Once the nominations are closed, there will be polls where we all select the winners.

  17. Best New Content
    Temple of Elemental Evil

    Best System Change

    Best Monster

    Best Release Note
    humm… I don’t know

    Best Quest
    ToEE part 1

    Best Raid
    Legendary HoX (it revived the raid)

    Best Update

What do you think?

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