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So, its been a short while since Ive blogged. Not much has happened but Ill try to put it all into as many words as possible to make it seem more exciting than it all actually is.

As you all know, the last while Ive breaked from DDO activities for to try out not one, but two other, better, MMOs. The first I tried was WoW. I had tons and tons of fun playing WoW. My favorite character was my Worgen Warrior. The Worgen introduction quests and what not were a blast to play. The cinematics were cool as well. Horde sde, I didnt really play alot of. But the Trolls and Goblins were alot of fun. I especially loved the Goblin cinematic upon escaping the first island. It made me laugh everytime I saw it.

After WoW, I began playing SWtoR. I initially made a Sith Warrior. She was lots of fun to play on. However, as it goes when one is trying out a game, I decided to put an end to her and try something new. That led me to trying something else and eventually that led to yet something else as well. However, even through all of this, there was one class that seemed to be calling for me. There was something about the Trooper class that seemed most interesting to me. I didnt know what it is and I still dont know what it is. It could be that hes simply a soldier. It could be something more complex. Whatever the case, I made a Trooper. I love him. I enjoy playing on him more than I did my sith Warrior.

When I hit level ten I decided to pick the Commando line for his Advanced Class. With as big a guy as he is, I chose the buff model, I figured a really big gun would look better on him than a dinky little balster rifle. Turns out that I was right! The healing stuff that he can do is really nothing more than an added benefit. Since Im playing solo I really dont have the time to pay lots of attention to my health. That and I almost never have the supplies or ammo to use the healing abilities. I should probably use the stim packs more, but, meh.

Overall, I love both games. Im planning on trying to persuade some Cartel Coins from peoples for my birthday so that I can get upgraded to ‘Preferred’. With those points Ill unlock the things like the ability to select certain quest rewards, the ability to equip certain items, the ability to change my companions appearence… stuff like that. At some point Ill unlock races as well. Im not making them a priority due to the fact that really all races are in SWtoR is same old character but with a different skin. Theres no racial bonuses to make one better than another. That might change someday though. Currently, the only P2P races that interest me are the Pure Blood Sith, Twi’Leks and the Miraluka races. Ill also renew my WoW sub at some point, but for right now, Im more interested in SWtoR.

For DDO, I havent gotten alot of time on with Comic lately. Mostly due to my being busy the last two or three weekends. Last weekend I was helping a friend move. When you own a big beast of a truck, people tend to ask you for help first. This weekend though, Comic wants to run his Cove Event thing and Im gonna be helping him. Im not as excited by the event as he always seems to be. Then again, he seems to get excited about EVERY event. So, we’ll see how that goes. Maybe itll be funner than I think. Either way, my job will be to focus on killing things. He was gonna have me try my hand at torches and barrels and whatever else but I explained the difficulty Id have doing it all so now Ill just kill things. Killing things is what I do best! I wish Even could join us, but shes busy with more important things so I shant bother her pretty little princess head.

I havent been playing DDO outside all that. I mean, theres this small part of me thats like, ‘Hey! Play your wilderness character!’ or, ‘Hey! Play your Favored Soul!’. Ultimatly though, each voice has been answered with a lound and dominating ‘Why?’. To be honest, I dont know why I should anymore. Ive played the Warcraft games for a long long time. So being able to play WoW was a good and fun experience for me. As for Star Wars, Im a HUGE fan of Star Wars. I still have a memory from when I was a baby watching the first Death Star battle. I thought it was great stuff. Over the years, my love for it only grew. I own almost every Star Wars game, Im working my way through the books and now, theres an MMO based solely on Star Wars.

What about DDO though? What does DDO offer me? Everytime I read peoples blogs, theyre connected to the environment and the characters in some way because of their background in D&D. I dont have that background so I find it really difficult to find myself connected to the world that DDO takes place in. I think that, maybe, playing WoW and SWtoR has kind of forced this realization onto me. Sure, there are some people without the D&D connection that can still connect with the DDO world, but I just cant find it in me. When I play games, I want to feel like Im connected to my characters, the world around them, the other characters that exist within it. More importantly though, I enjoy the feeling that my character is making a difference in the world around them. I dont get any of those feelings on DDO. I want to like DDO like I used to. Really, I do. But I cant help but feel like itd be a very difficult thing to do.

Anyways, thats all I can think to blog for today. Theres 9 days until its my birthday. Again. So, hope you all take care and enjoy whatever it is you enjoy!


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  1. My “pretty little princess head?” Hahahaha! 😀

    Well, if you guys would run when I could be on, I would totally be there. Saturday mornings/afternoons are not good DDO times for me. *sadface*

  2. Any chance for Sunday mornings/afternoons? We (usually) run then, too (so, you know – not just on Saturdays).

  3. Sunday mornings might actually be doable. Not sure about this coming Sunday, but most Sundays I can be on from around 9-11:30 am my time… unless I sleep in. *g*

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