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Night revels has more loot than anything
Night Revels is the new fall festival, replacing the lost but not lamented “Mabar: A Fortnight Of Lag” event. There were good things about Mabar, and bad things, but it no longer matters: Mabar is gone, Night Revels is here.

Or at least, it will be, just as soon as Turbine turns it on.

Although it is called a festival, it is really just a limited-duration way to gain specially-themed loot. The method involved is simple:

  1. Kill undead in Deleras Graveyard, collecting the Darkest Chocoloate (a Night Revel crafting ingredient) and special keys
  2. Use the keys to run one of four mini-quests
  3. Each of the mini-quests provides a different Night Revel crafting ingredient
  4. Combine the ingredients to get loot

And that is that. Oh, there is an exception, a potion that lets you earn Darkest Chocolate (and one would hope, keys) while killing any undead, anywhere. But it is not a free potion, and these four steps cover the main case in its entirety.

Besides, the whole point is to get loot. Remember your childhood? Was any Halloween complete that did not come with a big bag of candy? No, I tell you, no. The loot is required.

And Turbine does not disappoint. There is more loot available in this festival, of more types, than anywhere else ever.

I am of the belief that they (meaning Turbine developers) intended to create an entirely new slate of loot, never-before seen yet fully complete. Lots of new items. Except that would mean there would remain no way to earn any of the old Mabar loot, so they threw all of that in too. Two sets of loot, combined, make this one event the most lootalicious event we have ever known.

I’m not going to provide detailed descriptions, you can get that here. But just look at the list:

Temporary Items

(will disappear sometime around the end of the year)

  • Almond Shadow-Spice Candy (a minor fireball staff)
  • Almond-Coated Shadow Apple (power buff clickie)
  • Caramel Bite (sheltering buff clickie)
  • Cinnamon Cloud (dodge buff clickie)




  • Bottled Fear (phantasmal killer)
  • Crystal Summons (shadow monster summoning, comes in six varieties)
  • Draught of Midnight (the potion that lets you earn Darkest Chocoloate from killing undead anywhere)
  • Irian’s Light (light and positive spellpower buff)
  • Gloomy Potion of Inflict Critical Wounds
  • Gloomy Potion of Restoration
  • Gloomy Potion of Death Ward
  • Potion of the Party Pooper (counters Pumpkin Head and Skull Head)
  • Pumpkin Head (give everyone in an area of effect a jack-o-lantern head)
  • Sun Flask (a fiery missile weapon that may blind the target)
  • Skull Head (give everyone in an area of effect a skull head)




  • Cloak of Night (nice cloak that comes in six minimum-level versions)
  • Delighters Docent (provides a spell critical buff clickie)
  • Docent of Shadow (specially useful for Pale Masters, comes in six minimum-level versions)
  • Hat of the Night Hag (a buckley witches hat that provides 5% magical efficiency)
  • Hood of Unrest (dodge clickie that overrides max dodge bonus)
  • Long Broom of Mystery (a staff that looks like a broom and casts Flaming Sphere)
  • Revelers Regalia (a heavily Goth robe that provides a spell critical damage buff clickie)
  • Robe of Shadow (specially useful for Pale Masters, comes in six minimum-level versions)
  • Short Broom of Mystery (a club that looks like a broom and casts a special version of Faerie Fire)
  • Wraps of Endless Light (good wraps for pounding undead, come in six minimum-level versions)


Cosmetic Gear


  • Jack-O-Lantern (cosmetic pumpkin head)
  • Mabarian Head Spider (a spider, on your head)



  • Diamond of Intelligence (stacking +2 intelligence)
  • Diamond of Intelligence (stacking +2 wisdom)
  • Ruby of Ghostbane (ghostbane I)
  • Ruby of the Endless Night (applies a negative level on hit)
  • Ruby of the Vampire Slayer (adds silver and does light damage on hit)


Weapon Treatments


  • Festival Solar – potion? – (adds 1d4 light damage to some weapons. Not sure if it stacks with the Oil or the Silence)
  • Oil of Incandescence – potion – (adds 1d6 light damage to equipped weapons. Not sure if it stacks with the Solar)
  • Silence of the Tasty Hams – mask with a clickie – (adds 1d6 shadow damage. Will not stack with Oil. Not sure if it stacks with Solar)



(Can be upgraded up to caster level 11)

  • Eternal Wand of Disrupt Undead
  • Eternal Wand of Nimbus of Light

If only they’d upgraded the old Mabar items, especially the Cloak of Night, to level 28! That would have been awesome. But really, look at that list, this is pretty damned awesome already. It seems both picky and ungrateful to ask for more. I mean, there are 37 items on that list! 37! In seven completely different categories!

If you can’t find something on that list to like, dude/dudette, you have to take a long look at yourself. There is a lot there on that list. A lot!

A lot to like.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

p.s. I am not the only one writing about the Night Revels:

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  1. Festival solar permanently enchants the item with 1d4 light damage on-hit.. same mechanic as risia frost, but doesn’t stack with that & like the risia one, can only go on lootgen items – so it’ll stack with the temporary item imbues fine.

    Oh, and the completelynew items (hat, brooms, armour) have new appearances.

    • More than “doesn’t stack with”, it will outright replace the Risia frost.

      The oil and Silence clicky will also not stack with Arti weapon buffs (at least, the clicky won’t, and I assume the oil won’t if it doesn’t stack with the clicky *g*) since they’re all “temporary weapon buffs” which are limited to one.-

  2. I’ll still miss the Dragon, lament it even πŸ™

  3. You know that there are people that don’t like so much to like. I don’t like to admit it but I’m people too.

  4. The items definitely look pretty nice for sure. I’m looking forward to trying it out!!

  5. I can haz a Flaming Sphere clickie! This is a GREAT and underused aggroing spell to pull enemies for stealth players. Now I don’t need a character that can use scrolls! I was able to run all the challenges in the event (throwbacks of some quest maps) without much issue. A teeny bit of lag on occasion in my Delera instance but otherwise a rather relaxed and easy event to farm some of the coolest items of the game, especially those augments. It’ll take some time to farm, but solo or in groups, you’ll enjoy it.

  6. From the looks of the preview, loot is going to be fairly obtainable even for the more casual players πŸ™‚

    • I played a few hours last night looted over 200 chocolates, 9 keys, 29 caramels and five apples. I was happy to learn that the caramels dropped five per run at level 20 quest setting vs. 13 per run at level 23 setting. The ingredients are definitely obtainable. But oh, those keys. They don’t drop often and might dissuade the more casual players getting enough to enter the quests to get the ingredients. Then again, I might just have had bad luck on the key drops for a night. I’ll find out if it’s better today πŸ˜‰

      • I seemed to get more than enough keys, but that’s a bit like any of these events, some days you get 50 keys/compasses, other days… πŸ˜‰

        Now, please someone correct me, those keys aren’t bound to character or account, that means we can share?! Woo, now if they’d fix that mouse wheel bug πŸ˜›

        • AFAIK, they *did* fix the mouse wheel bug. At least, if you’re referring to the one where you can no longer scroll in or out after removing something from a bag. At least, I haven’t been affected by it since they announced the fix to it. Of course, if you’re referring to *another* mousewheel bug, well, then I have no idea *g*

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