Night Moves

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Aug 132014

Much like Trogdor, some of my favorite views of DDO come in the night. I thought I’d share a few. All are available in larger, ready-for-wallpaper sizing, just click on the image:

Stars over StormreachStars over Stormreach

Moon over StormreachMoon over Stormreach

Airships in the night seem particularly photogenic:

Purple AirshipPurple Airship


Green AirshipGreen Airship

Blue AirshipBlue Airship

The absence of light
settling over Stormreach
painting with darkness

So pretty.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. The very first time I stepped out into the Menechturan (sp?), it was night time. That was one of my “Oh, wow.” moments of the years.

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