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When you walk into a normal office you might see a wall or two covered with a variety of posters. Not just the big one in the break room that describes all of your various employment rights, but also the random smattering of colorful posters designed to enlighten and aid your workday.

“Work smarter, not harder.” Or maybe “Think outside the box!”, or something along the lines of “Teamwork is better than not!”.

That sort of thing.

It is different for NFL players. I recently toured Denver’s NFL stadium, including the visitors locker room (but not the Broncos locker room, which was kind of strange). I found it striking in many ways, not as luxurious as expected, and not as cohesively designed. But then, it is the visitors locker, and stadium management does not want the visitors to be overly comfortable.

The most striking aspect of all was the motivational posters. NFL players get very different messages than the rest of us. Very different.

But don’t take my word for it, here they are. Real NFL motivational posters from a real NFL locker room:



Take Care Of Your Brain!

Let's Take Brain Injuries Out Of Play



Taking Bribes Is Bad!

Bribes And Gambling



Protect Your Spine!

Protect Your Neck And Spine



Please Don’t Get Caught Taking Steroids

Policy On Anabolic Steroids And Related Substances



Call Us Before You Rape Anyone Today

Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault



Very different from that which you or I might encounter at work.

Although considering my horrible posture I could probably use a copy of the spine poster.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. … wait, MOTIVATIONAL?!

    The only thing those posters would motivate me to do would be to sling my duffel bag back over my shoulder, hightail it to the parking lot, drive home, and dive into bed for an extended period of time.

    (OK, that’s technically FOUR things. But you get the idea… those are some *dark* posters!)

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