Mar 012013

Shadowfell Conspiracy
The new expansion pack is named Shadowfell Conspiracy

Although this is the 7th birthday of DDO it is in some way the best one yet. Certainly the most action-packed. I cannot check the forums, or cruise a gaming site on the internet, or even turn on Twitter without stumbling across something new about DDO.

How cool is that? A daily blast of DDO, timed to produce something new every day for the entire week!

Unless it is coincidence?

Monday we were given new background wallpapers. Okay, not very newsy, but this is only the warmup for things to come.

Tuesday was Producer Glin’s state of the game address containing all kinds of new information about 2013 plans. Warner Bros simultaneously produces a press release. Many of the gaming, MMO, and RPG sites pick up on it, too many to list individually, but as an example here is Massively’s write up.

Wednesday, Fernando added to the State of the Game thread, providing even more new information, and Turbine released a bunch of original concept art pieces; it was fascinating to see how someone’s artistic vision was later implemented in-game!

DDO Concept Art - Halfling Male
One of the concept art pieces released Wednesday: Halflings are awesome even in conceptual form!

Thursday included a new DDO Community Update video by Tolero and a singing birthday card. Massively published a warmly friendly DDO birthday article. Even Lessah and Samius get in on the birthday week excitement, issuing their first new DDO Cocktail Hour podcast since last August.

I wonder what today will bring? What an exciting week to be a DDO fan!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. But the youtube video update runs for only 16 seconds? There could at least have been a second verse for the player races? And a third verse for the Houses of Stormreach that give us favor…?

  2. I may have selected the halfling concept art over the other races in part because of you, Geoffhanna. πŸ™‚

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