Dec 162014

New uses for old business
In which we revisit recent DDOGamer topics with updates and new information

Dear Pugster
A plea to a missing guildmate to come back and play his Barbarians met with success! At least limited success, it’s too early to tell for certain, but he’s back and now his barbarian has more than two thousand hit points. Go Pug!

Wings Over Meridia
A rapturous celebration of the joys inherent in the ability Leap of Faith (and similarly, Abundant Step and the Cannith Boots of Propulstion). Clever readers point out that there are now several other ways to obtain the Abundant Step feature, some for druids and rogues and others. Expect an article illustrating all of them, just as soon as I can get around to it.

Enter DDOGamer's 3100-Turbine Point contest!3100 Turbine Point contest
Thanks to Cordovan for putting the word out on social media, and wow what a response this MMOtivational Poster contest is receiving! Entries are coming constantly, lots of page views, in fact it seems like this will end up being the most viewed page on the site. Heady times indeed.

If you haven’t entered the contest yet, you still can! Click the banner on the right for all the details.

I talked about crunching my way through all of my remaining DDO Anniversary Cards. And I did, all of them, there were no survivors.

Until the very next day when Patrick from DDOCast chose to share a portion of the remaining DDOCast Sarlona card stock Sarlona with me. Bunches more cards! Thanks Patrick!

I intended to re-gift them to guildmates on the last Tuesday night guild run before Update 24. Except … well … I forgot. Stupid brain can barely remember who it belongs to anymore. So there I was, late Wednesday night, update coming the very next morning, with about-to-be-useless cards.

Needless to say, much crunching ensued. I ended up with lots of fireballs after all, in spite of my best efforts not to, because I had to make something and there they were. Not just fireballs though, Patrick sent me a nice selection including a couple of card XIs. More awesomeness stockpiled in the shared bank, and even a couple of Endless Flasks of Deathward for two mid-level Heroic characters that rarely get the good loot.

The Intel Commando
This was actually two posts, one where I post a proposed intelligence-based TWF/Ranged end-game build, and a second where I refine the build based on user suggestions. Of which I got a lot! Thanks to everyone who reviewed the build and provided input!

Mawry (the Original Halfling Commando) had been prancing about at level 28, filling karma, but hit the magical karma cap number over the weekend. Time to apply the new build!

  1. Epic TR
  2. Apply new build via the inherent lesser reincarnation that is part of the process
  3. Profit!

Like the Return of the Pugster, it’s too early for final results on this topic too. Her one appearance so far went really well! The build seems very promising. But the only solid thing I can report without caveat is that I need to save more level 20 gear; she feels pretty naked.

Postcard From My Office (Featuring Kittens)
There is more information since this was first posted: the kittens have switched people. Lucy has adopted me, while Linus has installed himself around my Gamer Girl.

Also, I mentioned that the kittens were (as far as I am going to ever admit), not acquired to replace our beloved Biscuit, but rather, as pets for our remaining cat Frank the AdventureCat.

So how did that go? The whole get-a-pet-for-our-pet-cat thing?

Frank the Cat, and his pet cat Linus
Frank the Cat, and his pet cat Linus

Seems like it is going pretty well.

🙂 😀 🙂

What do you think?

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