Nov 042009

Game population is increasing to the point that we need another new server. What an exciting day for Turbine and DDO players!




I am surprised it is for new logins only and won’t allow transfers. I imagine most existing players that were willing to migrate to a new server already did (Cannith) meaning this server will be 90% (or more) brand new players?

Regardless, awesome! Really. Just awesome.

I had to log in and get some names I’ve wanted. Two were already taken (wow some people are fast!) but I got five of the seven I wanted.

  • Miss
  • The
  • Arco
  • Ardent
  • Argath
  • Coin
  • Equinox

I’ve never gotten The or Miss on any server. I keep trying though! 🙂

  One Response to “New server Orien (yay!) did you get your names?”

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  1. Tommy ..Wizard
    Pinball ..Wizard instead
    Yen Sid ..Sorcerer from Fantasia, Disney spelled backwards
    Jethro Tull ..Bard Virtuoso
    Bubba Ho-Tep ..Bard Warchanter
    Merry Brandybuck ..Rogue Acrobat

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