Nov 162012

I was minding my own business, helping my Gamer Girl farm a specific Eldritch Rune in the Monastery, when something strange fell out of of a chest.

An “Upgrade Tome of Charisma (+2 to +3)”. Strange for a couple of reasons: it is a noun that has the name of a verb, like calling a car “take me places”. “Hey Dad, look, I bought a new Ford Take me Places”. Descriptive, but weird.

Regardless of their name, what is their purpose? Why is an Inherent ability bonus something that requires two different but nearly identical paths to acquire?

I read about the new Upgrade Tomes in the Update 16 release notes, but I didn’t pay attention, I don’t loot things like that; to this day I have never looted a +2 or better tome except as a 20th raid end reward. I filed the information under “nice to know” and moved on.

But here I have one now. On Tuesday, on the second day that they exist. When I am just playing casually.

Are the new Upgrade Tomes going to be that easy to acquire?

Mentally shrugging, I try to match the tome up with a character that will use it. Preferring to put a +3 on someone that has Charisma as a primary stat, I check my hagglebot/sorceror: no, has one. Bard? Has one. Completionist-in-progress? Can’t tell, she is only 10th level at the moment but I think she has one.

I get all the way down to my uncommonly-played 12th level Favored Soul. She has no inherent Charisma bonus whatsoever. But this is not useful to her either, or at least not yet, as it requires that she already have consumed a +2 Tome. Maybe I can buy one from the DDO Store? Price check:

  • +2 Tome of Charisma: 595
  • +3 Tome of Charisma: 895
  • Upgrade Tome of Charisma (+1 to +2): 295
  • Upgrade Tome of Charisma (+2 to +3): 495

Pricier than I would accept. Interesting that upgrade tomes are cheaper than regular ones, but the total needed to upgrade to a specific point costs more than just buying the equivalent regular tome.

I don’t understand how the new type of Tomes fits into the game. There must be some combination of distribution frequency versus DDO Store price that is calculated to increase Turbine income, but I am just not seeing it at the moment.

Oh well. Off to the bank with it. Someday it will be a nice thing to have, very nice, +3 inherent bonus is unusual enough to still be a “Big Deal”, at least to me. And my opinion carries the most weight with me, I find myself to be generally quite persuasive.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I didn’t realize the UTs came in multiple flavors. With the release notes saying ‘you can find +4 to +5 tomes in level 27 chests and above’ I’d interpreted it as only that type had been added. Woot! That means there’s more chances to get things to +4 as well!

  2. PM me a name and i will send you a +2 chr tome. Chr tomes are the ones i seem to pull all the time and i know i have 3 or 4 in Darth Samius’ TR cache

  3. PM sent! I chose forum PM out of the myriad options available 🙂

    Would you prefer a +2 DEX or a +2 STR in return?

  4. Since I received your kind gift before I received instructions, I had to wing it. You get … (/roll d2) Dexterity! [cue celebratory music as balloons and confetti fall from the ceiling] Yay!

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