New Content Night

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Nov 132013

Aren't animated rats usually cute and cuddly?
Not cute, not adorable, and not necessary.
Unless you want to win “properly” (and you do!)

One has to love new content night. Your initial encounter with whatever deviltry/hilarity Turbine’s finest have cooked up for your adventuring pleasure, un-jaded and un-memorized and un-spoilered.

Some of the Halfling Commandos chose to explore A Study in Sable, the new quest in Eveningstar. How much fun! No spoilers coming here but I will say that this one is much more thoughtful than most other recent content, requiring one to talk to NPCs and actually read the dialogs. Yes, for one quest at least, reading truly is FUNdamental.

I expect you could simply power through this with sword out and brain unengaged, but what a shame that would be; the NPC dialogs are carefully crafted, the plot hangs together, it is completely worth the time it takes to solve this quest, rather than simply completing it.

Like all content, repetition breeds contempt, but I strongly recommend running this quest “properly” (e.g. by reading everything and figuring things out as opposed to just clicking through as fast as possible) while you can. You’ll have it all memorized soon enough.

My favorite part was the YA fiction-inspired scrolls laying about here and there. Funny, but also, fun to over-dramatize in voice chat. But I am encroaching on knowledge that is best discovered for one’s self. No more. Note that I am not even providing the wiki article link: put the wiki down, and back away slowly.

In a mystery
Brute force is not the answer
Apply brain power

Go forth and play this quest for yourself. Invest the time; you will be rewarded.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. That is exactly how we (The Thieves Guild on Argo) ran this quest last night! We even had a guildie, who does excelent voices, to be the DM reading all the text from NPC’s over voice chat, it was hillarious! And it seems the quest is random every time you run it, so i can’t wait to see what it’ll be next time! As always: keep up the good writing Geoff!!

  2. Will be trying this out tonight – spent all of last night sorting out a couple of characters newly TRed into iconics 🙂

  3. I wanted to run this, but I ran into lovely connection issues, in that I likely tried to log in a dozen times, and failed each time.

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