Feb 182016

There is a place where you can see airships up close and personal. Eye to eye, so to speak.

It is not a secret place, I’ve been here a lot, you probably have too. Especially back in the day before The Twelve instance was added to the game; this may have been the highest point you could reach.

But that was then and this is now; now there are airships flying about in every public instance. Including this one.


House D airship viewing spot


Nice, huh?

Here is the spot:


House D airship viewingf perch spot

Just for fun I tried dual-boxing to learn if I could see the high character from the ground-level one, but I could not. Running closer did not help. It wasn’t until I was all the way to the base of the Deneith tower that I could see anything, and even then I could not see the character herself, but rather her pseudodragon companion, a tiny set of brownish dots flapping away like a dragon-shaped flag in the wind.

But I digress. There are higher places in the game now; in the Vale, in the Twelve, in the Stormhorns. But none with this sort of up-close view of passing air traffic. Very pretty view, don’t you think?

You can click either image to see it in full-size, desktop-wallpaper-image-worthy, glorious high definition.

Go ahead. You know you want to.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Absolutely, this is where I go when I want a character portrait.

  2. At the risk of seeming ungrateful, that top screenshot would have been 100% desktop worth if you could’ve got one with the pet facing the same way as the character. But I may see if I can get one myself if I can get a clear day in House D 🙂

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