Jun 112014

Steel Golem Baby Announcement
He’s a cute lil bugger, ain’t he?

Today marks the advent of Update 22. Once again, the twisting series of tubes that make up the internet will be filled with bits and bytes of new DDO, funneling their way to the live servers, and then to our individual PCs. Update 22. Pirates! Swashbucklers! New Airships! Single-Weapon Fighters! Epic Three Barrel Cove!

Excitement. Even one piece of brand-new content. Only one, but I’ll take it.

Meanwhile, Sparksy soldiers on through the Epic Elites at her level. Last night was Cabal for One: a tough end fight featuring two casters that each have over 120K hit points. 120k! Each! Yikes.

Some dying. Some heroism. Some teamwork. Victory!

But there’s some exciting news! Sparksy is welcoming a new addition to her family!

Name That Golem

Now all she has to do is figure out what to name it.

Any ideas? I’m not offering any real prizes to the winner, I’m not even promising that there will be a winner. But if you suggest the name that I end up applying to Sparksy’s little bundle of joy, I’ll be surely grateful, and I will write a blog post on any DDO-related topic you wish. Your choice.

So that’s like a contest, sort of, although the prize is not at all like a prize. But regardless.

Name that baby, get a blog post.

Come on peeps, let’s get creative!

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  1. I’ve always been rather partial to the juxtaposition of an extremely mundane name for a fantastical creature… so for me it’d probably be something like “Tony” or “Steve”… or maybe “RustyBait” πŸ™‚

  2. Hum…..

    1. HotPot
    2. FerrousWeel
    3. CuriousForge
    4. MisterClanks
    5. Stove
    6. Scuttles
    7. ShtolnAyzern
    8. BBRodriguez
    9. SPAMIAM
    10. LordWinterbottom

  3. Ironpants

  4. Bob.

    (That’s one of my standard answers for “name that” requests.)

  5. Well, let’s see…what would go good with “DangerDog”? Hmmm…”DangerDroid” is too obvious…going for ‘opposition’, something like “SecurityBot” might be good…going with similarities, “DireBot” or “HazardBot”, maybe (“DireDroid is just too many D’s…unless you like that sort of thing…”GraveGolem” would make him sound like some kind of ghoul…). Something along those lines, perhaps.

    • I was thinking more of a role based name, along the lines of the fact the golem won’t be in harm’s way, like DangerDog is πŸ˜‰

  6. A few more:

    1. TovensLittleSecret (with compliments to Syllph)
    2. ClinkUnderfoot
    3. CofFe3Cake
    4. RecyclableRalph

  7. Hiccup. You should name it hiccup.

  8. I’ve got it! “Remington”.

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