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Clever readers, all over the world!
Clever readers, from all over the world!

Although this blog is hosted on my own site, it utilizes the WordPress software, meaning that I get WordPress statistics too. Whether I want them or not.

I don’t have enough experience in blogging to know if these kinds of statistics are actually helpful, but I like them, it validates the effort involved to see that people actually come here and read stuff. Sometimes it is quite stunning, how many of you there are, and why? But I am not one to question largesse, only to quantify it, although in this case I have the WordPress stats to do that for me.

List of countries that have visited DDOGamerI am sharing all of this on the occasion of exceeding 500,000 page views. This actually happened awhile ago, but there has been so much to write about lately that I never got around to mentioning it. Now I have. Half a million! That seems like really quite a lot, even if it took most of six years to achieve it.

  • Total myDDO views, in four years: about 200,000
  • Total DDOGamer views, in two years: more than 300,000

More than half a million! Wow!

Of course, this is not all me, not by a long shot. Many people write here now, and every one of them helped. A lot! Be happy, DDOGamer people! You’ve done awesomely well.

It is not just the number of readers that I find so surprising (and I do! So surprising!), but also the source of those readers. Mostly from the U.S., which makes sense, but not just so, in fact there have been readers from a total of 151 countries.

The long list you see on the right side of this article is the list of every country that has visited, sorted in descending order. I wonder how many of these represent search errors; did the one guy in Kyrgyzstan really mean to come here? Also, all of the countries after Namibia represent one view each; I have no idea why the sorting algorithm placed them in the order that you see.

Nonetheless, that guy from Kyrgyzstan did come here, even if only for a moment, and even if only the one time. And not just Kyrgyzstan, but lots of totally unexpected places. The tiny island where I honeymooned, St. Lucia has been here, one of the most pleasant places to live in the world. So is Palestine, which judging by the news is probably one of the least pleasant. Sorry about things Palestine, I hope you found something worthwhile when you stopped by.

The map at the top? Yes, that is all you readers too, in map form, with the reddest colors representing the higher percentages.

Can any of you from faraway places tell me if the Google Translate control at the top of the blog actually works? Does it help you? Is it part of why you are here?

But I digress. This is not just about where DDOGamer readers originate (although I find it to be fascinating!) but is also about some of the other stats that have accumulated in the course of those half million visits.

I get statistics like a list of the places that people clicked to get here (by far most of you came via Google) and where you all go when you leave (by far the biggest destination is the DDO Wiki).

Another fun statistic (am I the only one who would put the words “fun” and “statistic” together like that?) is the popular pages list, although this one can be a little deceiving; pages that have been up longer have an advantage over those that were posted lately. None of the pages from the myDDO era have a fair chance either. Nonetheless, here are the 25 most popular DDOGamer articles from the last two years (not including the start page, because that is hardly a real page at all):


  1. Iconic Heroes
  2. The Return of the DEX Build
  3. The Freezer Burn: The Most Dominant (Heroic) Build Ever Played (So Far)
  4. First Look: Eldritch Knight Wizard Enhancements
  5. Your Choices For Best Soloing Class
  6. The Bladeforged: an Iconic Hero
  7. How I Won DDO (hint: there was a little cheating)
  8. Doing the Math: the Best Class For Soloing
  9. The Problem With Swashbuckler Isn’t Swashbuckling. It’s SWF.
  10. Sibling Rivalry: DDO vs Neverwinter
  11. Raiders of the Lost Reward Box
  12. There Are More Embarrassing Things. But Not Many.
  13. Tolero Clues Us In On Update 17 – For A Good Cause
  14. Yazdia Assassinates the New Enhancements
  15. DDOGamer’s Solution to the Epic Destiny Crisis
  16. Neverwinter Annoys Me
  17. Update 23 Preview – Harper Agent Enhancement Tree
  18. Kitalea the Druid DOTS up the New Enhancements
  19. U19 and the Need to Reincarnate/Respec Everything and Everyone
  20. The Best Anniversary Present Ever
  21. Melee Power is a Bad Idea and this is Why
  22. Coming Soon: Epic Black, Blue and White Dragonscale Armors
  23. Is This What it is Like to Be The 1% ?
  24. The Magic Die May Be Broken, But You Can Still Earn New Cards
  25. OMG Artificer!


Some of these are laughably out-of-date (Swashbuckling worked out just fine) while others hold up pretty well (I still think Melee Power is a mistake). But nonetheless, people are still coming to see them, day after day.

Sadly, not one of the pages that I am most proud of have made the list. Not the All-Dances board, not the Dragondex, not even the Collectible Digest. No MMOtivational posters. No DDO Album Covers. None of My Favorite Monsters. Proving that the amount of time and effort invested in an article has absolutely no bearing on how well it will do once published.

But that’s okay, I can’t speak for the other DDOGamer authors but I know that I do not write articles with the intent of creating successful content. I write because I have something to write about, something to say. It is enough to know that someone else in the community sees it, even just another person or two. To have all of this be seen half a million times is staggering.

Really, staggering. Thank you all. Your attention is the greatest gift you can give to those of us who write here, and wow, you are paying attention like crazy.

I will never understand why. But I am so happy that you do.

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. I was going to try and make this article as long as the list of countries but I just can’t do it. 151 countries! Who’d a thunk it?

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  1. 500,000! Wow, that’s a number. 🙂 Congratz.

  2. Well done Geoff & well deserved 🙂

    I feel quite inadequate now…. :-/

  3. Ha, never knew about the dragons series, must have missed that one, so I am glad you provided a link. Half a million, that is a lot!

  4. Pfft – I think you gave up too easily on making the post as long as the list (hehehe).

  5. I always knew I was a popular blogger! I mean, my blogs draw in at least 2.8 million views each!… You’re an okay blogger too me Geoff. Yup!

  6. I think we need someone to log in to the site from Vatican City, just because.

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