Oct 202010

Yesterday was cap day for Mawry 3.0 (the Rogue). Tonight she continues her Completionest ways, beginning life anew as Mawry 4.0 (Enter the Bard). But first, a reflection on some of the lessons I learned running her up through the levels again.

  • Armor Class is your friend! This was my first-ever high AC build and it was SO worth it! Her AC peaked in the low 70’s and this was plenty in nearly every encounter. I had to really screw up to get her killed (but of course I did, numerous times)

  • Dual-wielding Vorpals is not “cheating” after all

  • Something about hitting for 50 sneak attack damage with each hand, even without a crit, is intoxicating. I loved it. So much that I may come back to Rogue for Mawry’s final life instead of the Ranger I originally planned

  • By your third life, you ABSOLUTELY MUST bank levels and run everything normal/hard/elite at the correct level. If you blow through content before you have to you are screwed

  • The TR completionist grind is hard on your guildmates unless they are doing it too. You ABSOLUTELY MUST reject people that are over level for quests even if they are friends and have no one in the correct level range 🙁

  • 48 search skill is high enough for almost everything in the game. The rest, you don’t really need 🙂 Hey – that’s my story and I am sticking to it

  • OTOH, 20 UMD is not as helpful as you might think. More = better.

  • Even at high level, and even if you call out of work and spend all day at it, it takes a lot of coordination and good friends to get more than 150k XP in one day

  • Remember this build: 13ROG/6RGR/1MNK. Max DEX add CON and some WIS/STR/INT and you have an amazing TWF kill-count-leading zergeriffic machine

What do you think?

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