My Soulstone

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May 262014

An Ode To My Soulstone
Why are you so twisty Soulstone?
So grey and pointy and monotone?
You’d think as my death marker
You’d be made of gristle and bone

My SoulstoneBut no you are all lovely curves
turning inside yourself in loops
Gray and white with pale blue trimming
Three dimensions; dramatic swoops

How do you fit inside me?
How do you get on the outside ?
How do you travel with me?
How do you know when I’ve fallen by the wayside?

I look in my backpack but I don’t see you
Maybe in the airship? Behind Sully’s bar?
Not in my bank space, not in the guild chest.
Wait, I’m out of hit points: oh, there you are.

To some you represent failure
and sometimes I feel that way too
Because if I was playing better,
There be a lot less of you.

But really you are not like that
your presence is a hopeful take.
It’s not over, no one has recalled
And the DDO Store is full of raise cake.

🙂 😀 🙂

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