May 252011

How strange. Coin Serf, my 18sorc/2rogue Hagglebot-With-Benefits, is now able to pull agro off the big burly barbarians at will.

I’m not talking about the instant nuke effect where you get agro right away and die in a blaze of uselessness; any caster can do that. I’m talking about a long boss fight where the barbarian gets plenty of time to build up hate. Yet even then, Coin opens up, and if I am not extremely cautious, the monsters come after her like she was a charged particle.

Coin showing a Fire Elemental who is boss
Coin prescribes a heavy dose
of Cold damage

I blame the new Update 9 changes. Talk about Sorceror love. Prestige enhancements AND spell cost reductions. Happy Birthday to Me! And it wasn’t even my birthday.

Coin experimented with Earth Savant, didn’t care for it, and swapped to Water Savant. This lets her drop Awaken Elemental Weakness (Cold) and then spam Inherent Frost Lance, (regular) Frost Lance, and Polar Ray for big BIG damage numbers. Depending on the target, she may add Niac’s to the mix or Cone of Cold.

She can cast them faster than one per second until she runs out of mana – but she has almost 2800 points (plus Bauble) and that translates to an immense pile of damage.

Its just a killer combo. Works on demons and devils too, bosses, everything, except for the small handful of monsters that are cold immune.

On Cold Spells:

  • Always – ALWAYS – start with Awaken Elemental Weakness. If a boss, keep an inspection window open (by default you open an inspection window by hitting ‘Z’) so you can tell when Awaken has worn off and needs recasting
  • The inherent Niacs Cold Ray is incredibly efficient – I’ve gotten over 900 points of damage for one point of mana. But if your target keeps saving, switch to something else
  • Inherent Frost Lance is a wicked combination of damage, casting speed, and hit without allowing saving throws. Regular old Frost Lance too, and also Polar Ray, although they are obviously more expensive. Spamming them back-to-back-to-back can be devastating
  • Cone of Cold is less efficient mana-wise than the ray spells, but in return is AoE (Area of Effect). I am especially likely to be working Cone into my spell combos
  • On the other hand, Snowball Swarm seems to be fairly useless. Longer casting time, and the least damage of all the spells. Sure, it is AoE, and the Inherent version is very cheap, but Cone of Cold seems to always be a better choice
  • I haven’t yet tried Otilukes Sphere because it used to be a pretty ordinary spell and there are so many appealing 6th level spells. Maybe next session I can swap into it and take it out for a test drive
  • I haven’t tried Niac’s Biting Cold yet either, I only found out about it while researching links for this posting. It appears to be stackable DOT (damage over time)! I am swapping it into my list the very next time I log in
  • Icy Prison is an excellent addition to your ability to lock down an opponent. It is supposed to do 500 damage but actually your other spells are so damaging now that 500 hardly matters. But do not underestimate the lock-down, I am able to land it more often than Flesh to Stone, especially in Epics

Some other ideas

  • Make sure your teammates know that any cold damage they do will be enhanced by your Awaken
  • If you have any Gem of Freezing Tides leftover from the 5th Birthday Event, or can otherwise summon a water elemental, their Frost Lance will be enhanced too!
  • Epic Winter’s Wrath might actually be meaningfully useful in the hands of a Water Savant. I am still missing the Seal but for the first time, I feel motivated to work on getting one

Coin is not ready for the heavy-duty epics yet, she needs more hit points. But I’ve run her through Sentinels and Carnival epics and she really blows things up. Quite impressive really, especially as so much of her build is focused on her Haggle ability. Imagine if she was custom-built purely to be a nuker! Staggers the imagination.

Go Coin Go!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Niac’s Biting Cold and Eladar’s Electric Surge are the best spells Sorcs have access to for single-target DPS.

    Even if you were a Fire Savant with no AP in cold, NBC would still be your second-best spell (behind Eladar’s).

  2. So you’re saying when you go hunting demons, it’s a cold day in H-E-double hockey sticks?

  3. Lets just say that Coin is able to serve Revenge better than anyone 🙂

  4. Well, they do say “Revenge is a dish best served…” (wait for it) “…cold.”

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