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On Friday last, Cordovan posted a compiled list of DDO resources in a thread titled “Thread: A Gathering of Guides, A Travelogue of Tools.” It is a useful thread, chock full of pointers to interesting reference material, tools, and even fan sites such as this one.

A nice overview of the DDO World circa September 2013.

One particular link caught my eye: Character Name Generator by Wizards of the Coast. Name generators are not new, quite the opposite, googling “Name Generator” returns pages and pages of nomenclature randomizers, everything from Hobbit or Pirate names to your very own Carlos Danger name, assumedly for those who feel an overwhelming need to sext their constituencies and urgently require a pseudonym.

But this one is different, thinks I, because this one is from Wizards of the Coast, the true holders of the D&D legacy. Time to get my True D&D Name.

The form requires only your first initial, the last letter in your first name, and your last name initial. But it also allows you to input more information about whomever is being named:

  • Is the character male or female? An easy one. Whatever else I may be, I am decidedly male
  • Character’s race: Several choices are available, but again an easy one, I am Human
  • Character’s class: This one is tougher. There is no “Low” or “Middle”. I am tempted to choose Blackguard, because I am definitely prone to screwing things up, but I suspect that is not what they really mean. Instead, I select NPC – Expert, as I consider myself to be expert or near-export on a couple of subjects
  • Character’s profession: There is no entry for Computer Programmer (although Dungsweeper is close), so I select “Other”
  • Is the character noble or commoner? No delusions here, I am common
  • How famous is the character? The form helpfully provides a scale of 1 to 10. Figuring that anyone on Facebook is at least a 2, I choose 2 as well.

And the result? Drum roll please …

Graven Gellentara

Graven the Other is sort of alluringly mysterious isn’t it?

Graven Gellentara the Expert. Not exactly one that will trip right off the tongue, is it?

I’ve always wanted a cool nickname. I even – in a desperate fit of desperation – tried to sort of give myself one once. The attempt didn’t go well, nor could have it, one simply cannot choose a cool nickname, one must be assigned it.

And the best and coolest nickname of all, Max Power, is already taken.

So I am Graven and that is that. Adjust.

By the way, just in case you were curious:

All of which are more fun than either Graven Gellantara or geoffhanna.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. You are Geoff, the one with the 20 on his head.

    See you have a cool nick. πŸ™‚

  2. I used that same Name Generator when I need a name for my wizard in my LFR group thus was born Jamamros Gellantara Staff wizard.

  3. I let it roll with “random” for fame & commoner vs. noble.

    Ended up with:
    Lord Jamlamin Milner Lightning-Bearer

    That’s a tongue-twister if I ever saw one….

  4. I’d say your game is more of a 6. I’m a certain 10! Empress’ are above the rabble after all!

  5. What? You don’t like “Greg Hanana”?

  6. I got “Krisnys Swordhand the Cloistered Religious” out of it. Yuk. Pays to be Catholic; I scan the names of historic saints. Can’t miss there. Already a real-life hero list, too. πŸ™‚

  7. Sometimes, I wish my name was billy goat! πŸ™‚

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