Sep 252011

I’m going to TR something into an artificer. I have two candidates: my wizard Sparksy, and my completionist-in-progress Mawry.

  • Mawry makes sense because she is going to have to be an artificer someday, why not now?
  • Sparksy makes sense because I think I am going to want to have a capped Artificer available for epics, but Mawry would just TR again leaving me Artificer-less

Sparksy the nerdy tinkerer

Sparksy the all-powerful Archmage

In the long run, this version of Sparksy fits better than this version

Sparksy also makes sense for role-playing reasons, in that her original PnP character is a nerdy tinkerer who usually performed her awesome magics by accident. But this kind of RP reason will only ever make sense in my head, not in the DDO world.

Yet, I am in my head too and it is nice when my game makes sense to me πŸ™‚

The decision is slightly more complicated in that if I screw up my Artificer build on Mawry, she will be stuck with it for 4million experience points, and that can be a looooOOOOOOOooonnng time to put up with a bad build. Ask me, I’ve done it before.

On the other hand, Sparksy is the best crowd-control caster in my guild. I have a new Halfling Commando leveling up to take that role but she is only level 14, and even when she caps she will not have Sparksy’s gear.

See? Not an easy decision. Even though it has no real-world consequences whatsoever. I love my pixellated creations!* I am no artist but they are my works and I am (clearly) willing to spend a lot of time making them to be exactly “just so”.

* In a healthy platonic sense! Thought I’d throw that in there right away before anyone’s mind starts wandering off into dark and unpleasant corners

And so I am left to ponder the finer points of what ought to be a simple and straightforward question. One final set of factors is the Artificer build itself. Will I really want one in Epics? I can see them as a new bard-like role: one is welcome in every party but probably no more than one.

I played one on Lamannia for … two whole hours? … which does not make me an expert. But I can analyze the class in comparison to others, and it looks to me like Artificers will be pretty powerful while leveling, but taper off at end game. Awesome buffs, and a unique ability to be the clericy-healer for the Warforged. Not sure I am excited about playing a buff-bot that heals WF.

The whole build thing needs more thought. In the mean time, I have XP to earn. Lots of XP.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Why choose one OR the other – why not BOTH? That way, Mawry continues her quest to completioniat AND Sparksy become the Arti you want her to be.

    …and as a bonus, you’d get to have two robo-mutts to clean-up after.

  2. I know your Halfling mind doesn’t want to hear this but maybe you should make a warforged artificer, that thinks he’s a halfling soul that was imprisoned in the cold hard shell, sorta like full metal alchemist, only Full Metal Artificer!

  3. I have a WF already! I needed a non-halfling character so that I would have one in our sister guild Torchwood.

    I think one wooden Gigantor is enough for me πŸ™‚

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