May 172012
Gamer Girl
Serious strategery

This is what happens when your girl is a serious gamer girl:


And yet, delicious! Sure, I hate defeat as much as the next guy. Actually I am intensely competitive, I hate defeat way more than the next guy.

But not this time. My girl actually likes Dragon Dice and wants to play. And she is good enough that I don’t have to either (beat her so thoroughly that I feel bad about it) or (take it easy on her on purpose), either of which completely suck the fun out of playing.

Also, I look across the game table at my opponent and she is a cute girl. Who is smiling at me.

Life is beautiful.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. First they name a Grand Duchy after you and then a cute gamer girl moves in – life really is good in the Geoffhanna house isn’t it. 🙂

  2. Wow. I remember when Dragon Dice came out. I bought some…a lot of them…and never played the dang game. I probably have some rare die that people want and don’t even know it. Kinda like my D@D Starter Set, still in the box, with Basic Rules and The Keep on the Borderlands module. All of it there 30+ years later…

  3. Woooooaaahhhh… I just noticed the speaker in the background. Nice! OH! And ermm… Better luck next time? Yes. Yupyup!

  4. @Shindurza I think your starter set description gave me nerdwood *drools* or as Prof. Farnsworth of futurerama called a “Raging Brainer”
    @Geoff having gamer girls is a Geeks Holy Avenger rare as 0.0001% drops, and better looking to boot

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