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I am a terrible picture-taker, partly because I always forget to take pics, and partly because the pics I remember to take tend to be really bad.

Here are the best of the 200-odd shots I found in my camera when we got home.

I think that this is my last GenCon post for the year. Note I said “think” and not “promise”.

hotel view west.png
There was a mixup and the hotel had to give us this corner room on the 32nd floor.


This is the view to the west.

hotel view north

This is the view to the north.

hotel view at night

This is a sad attempt to capture the grand vista that was our hotel room. The windows are so much bigger than I can get in the frame. And on two walls.

We were just there in the sky all the time. Like flying except with room service. Awesome.


But we weren’t there for the hotel room. Time to get us some GenCon.

For instance, this. The most amazingly detailed miniature landscape. The painting and detail work are both just jaw-dropping.

Miniature Bot

I have no idea what this mini is but I can tell you it is about the best-painted miniature I have ever seen.

Miniature Drow

Except for these, also located on the same landscape.

ballon dragon

Because it is GenCon, there are many things you just normally don’t encounter. For instance, a ten-foot balloon dragon, in progress.

ballon dragon complete

The same balloon dragon, replete with wings and flaming breath weapon.


Because it is GenCon, there are random people singing …

singing dancing

… or dancing …

singing dancing klingon

… or singing AND dancing. In Klingon.

card stacking for charity

Card stacking for charity. Note the massive banners: there is a lot of pageantry at GenCon.

serious card stackers

The card stackers get serious.


A perfect Dalek. I heard someone walking by asking “What’s with the plunger?” and her partner answering “We’ve all been wondering that for years…”

p.s. If you got that joke, you need to come to GenCon. At least once.


Because it is GenCon, here are gigantic versions of the miniature flying battleships from the game Leviathans.


The spider queen does not intimidate me. I have my Gamer Girl with me.

Trophy Belt

Someone will be winning something a little cooler than the average trophy.

Let the Wookie win

Let the wookie win!

Why is this even here? It is not part of an event, but someone spent a lot of time on it – it looks really good – and there is nowhere better to display it than at GenCon.

The most incredible book ever

This metal-covered book was hand-crafted into an amazingly detailed welded steel dragon face. The book weighed at least twenty pounds. The girl who welded it all together is showing us how it is not just a notebook, but has hidden pen compartments too.

When she lifted up the dragon face to reveal dice and gaming supplies, there was an audible gasp from the people around us.

Seriously. A loud gasp. The only time I have ever heard the word “breathtaking” occur in real life.

It was just that beautiful and cool.


A few people come to GenCon. More than 35,000


This gaming hall runs a quarter mile to the far wall and a good city block to the left. There are thousands of gamers in here. Thousands. All gaming.


Costumes appear at anytime, about any subject. Here, Farscape.


Here, Ghostbusters.

As I was admiring them, one of the Ghostbusters gave me a business card and asked me to Like them on Facebook.

Really? This is your business plan? Dress up like Ghostbusters and hope Universal doesn’t notice you are trying to make money off of their IP?

But whatever, that is their issue. All I know is they had some bangin’ costumes. Incredibly detailed.

The backpack

The backpacks were insane. Custom-fabricated aluminum and iron. There are hundreds of hours and dollars involved here.

What is it?

I have no idea what this is but the costume was excellent!

It must be something. Right?

I have no idea what this is either. But again, really high production values here, whatever it may have supposed to have been.

Cheerful warrior

A very happy metallic warrior. “Don’t worry”, she said, “it’s all aluminum.”




One of the more interesting parts of GenCon is you get to meet the people who make the games you love.

This is Cordovan, Turbine’s Community Relations guy for Dungeons & Dragons Online.


And this is Producer Glin, also from Turbine/Warner Bros, and also part of the DDO team.

DDO Meetup

We meet up with people we’ve met at earlier GenCons or who play the same online games. These are DDO players.

DDO Meetup

DDO players and pundits Lessah and Clankenbeard.

DDO Meetup

More DDO players including my Gamer Girl. And Gary, a friend from last year.

DDO Cocktail Hour

There are symposiums, panels, and presentations. This is a live taping of the podcast DDO Cocktail Hour with Lessah and Samius.

War at Sea

But mainly, GenCon is games. This was my favorite: Axis & Allies Naval Miniatures War at Sea. The pieces are the most interesting game pieces ever. Really.


Yvonne ponders the setup of Seafarers of Catan


Joe balances strategizing with trying to stay awake. GenCon is a marathon, not a sprint.


Three gamers gaming


It looks like we are having fun. That’s because we are šŸ™‚

2:00 AM

The main gaming hall at 2:00 AM. You can’t tell from this photo but there are still hundreds of games going on and there will be all night.

Gaming Coma

Someone had a little too much gaming bliss.


Lots of people at the grand Costume Ball this year. Fun. Lots of fun.


Dance now, nap later!


My Gamer Girl and I at the dance. It is the best part of GenCon. Or maybe I should say that SHE is the best part of GenCon. Because she is.

šŸ™‚ šŸ˜€ šŸ™‚

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