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Cunife stood in the shadows observing the fleshies. They had arrived shortly after the battle between his squad and the House Cannith squad had ended. Cunife had dealt the final blow to the last House Cannith artificer himself, but the rest of his squad had been disabled in the fight. He was now all alone.

He had decided to start his attack with the Iron Defender brought by one of the small fleshies as it patrolled past his position, when a comment from one of the fleshies (apparently the leader) caught his attention and gave him pause.

“Can we repair the Bladeforged as well?” it asked. The fleshie Artificer and the Warforged Wizard glanced up from their work on one of the Cannith Warforged, briefly examining the scene around them. “I think several of them can be salvaged” said the Warforged after a moment, its voice coming out like air from a tiny hole in a steam pipe. The artificer simply returned to its work.

Repair the Bladgeforged? Cunife had already determined that these soldiers were not with House Cannith by the lack of bull emblems on their outer layers. These were most likely the strange soldiers that Cunife had heard reported by other squads. But… why would they repair a Bladeforged? The Lord of Blades had said that all flesh races only desired to enslave the warforged. Maybe that was it.

“We should restrain them in different rooms, so they don’t attack each other before they can be rescued” the flesh leader said as it looked back the way they had arrived. Maybe it had someplace in mind. The face of the artificer contorted strangely, with its mouth bending into a half circle with the curve on top. “I don’t know if you realize this,“ it said with an insubordinate tone “but Halflings are a little bit smaller than Warforged. How would we even move them?”

Movement to Cunife’s left brought his attention to the fact that the patrolling Iron Defender had just discovered his position. Taking the initiative, he stepped forward with his blade drawn. The Iron Defender gave a low warning growl, a sound like many small hammers on a sheet of steel. The fleshy leader snapped to attention, and so did the Warforged, but the artificer barely glanced up from its work restoring the fallen Cannith warforged.

A tense moment passed with the only sounds being the gentle humming of Cannith machinery and the drone of the artificers repair work. Cunife waited to see what their move would be. Unexpectedly, the small fleshy leader dropped its guard and sheathed its weapons. “Why were you watching us?” it demanded.

Shocked at this turn of events, Cunife answered honestly. “I was waiting for an opportunity to attack.” The fleshies reply was even more shocking than the question. “Well, I’m glad you’re here. You can help us move your friends to a safe location.”

Unsure of how to respond, Cunife simply complied. This was certainly not how he expected this meeting to go.

Cunife of the Ninth Run is the name of my new Bladeforged. It’s an (generally silver/copper colored) alloy made of Copper, Nickel, Iron, and sometimes Cobalt. The issue I have been having with a Bladeforged character is finding a reason why they would be working with my other characters instead of trying to kill them. I decided the way to lead them together, was with a show of compassion to Warforged from Otsegolation. You know, one of the strangest things about writing is that the finished story always seems different than the one in my head. I have it all drawn out in the sand before I start, but it always seems to take a life of its own as I put it down. The finished product is always so unexpected. Oh well, on to my blog news.

Hypure TR’d

You can blame me for the big outage over the Labor Day weekend. It literally happened within 30 min of me TRing Hypure. I suspect it was a defense mechanism from DDO. It had to cope with the shock that I finally had a TR after playing since December of 2009. The servers needed a moment to collect themselves.

I ground out the Tokens I needed in Picture Portals. I find Rushmore to be easier than the Kobold challenges. I must have run it twenty times or more, and I only failed about twice. Of course, I am only able to kill one of the bosses. I will detail my standard run below, so you don’t have to read it right now. I was aided with the U19 physics bug. It seems the bubbles in the observatory (once again, iirrc) lost their resistance and dropped the keys on the ground. That would often let me run over to the Meatshield after killing the Cleric, giving me about 50 more points. Occasionally I would have enough time left to jet back to the rogue, earning me another extra 50.

So, little lvl 1 Hypure is wandering around the Cerulean Hills again. Even at lvl 1, it’s still easy as hell to kill the bugbears out there. With the new enhancement system, and the new Harbor layout, I am getting this weird Déjà vu thing. I know I have done this all before, but it’s… not quite the same…

Enhancement Pass

Speaking of, I am loving the enchantment pass. I am fortunate that none of the less than functional parts effect any of the characters I play regularly. I have almost gone through all of my characters, though I am dragging my feet on the non pure build’s I have. They aren’t as easy for me, and part of me is hoping that Ron will finish his work before I really need to look at them. He recently said he was in the final stretch so (fingers crossed). I will probably LR them into pure builds, unless I can think of a good reason to keep them multi classed. The ones that jump to mind are my Big F-ing Stick based build, my Helven angel build based AA, and my (now really old) temptest ranger. She is based on the old Revisiting the Paths for New Players thread, who’s link is now broken for me. It just so hard to decide what to do with them, there are so many options!

I am thinking of taking my Helven angel AA build and making it a Deepwood sniper build. That fits in more thematically with her background as a guard in Cyre. My Big Stick build can easily be retooled as a STR based Acrobat. The problem I am having is my fighter.  She is a S&B build, but I cant think of a way to build her as a pure fighter. I would redo her as a Paladin… but then I wouldn’t have a fighter build in my stable. Plus her background is a soldier, it wouldn’t make any sense for her to suddenly have faith… I’m sure I’ll get it figured out.

One big negative that jumps to mind about the enchantment pass is… cosmetics. Just about all of my characters had a special hair dye and a hair style, and any of them that I have to LR will lose it. Luckily I have been shopping for dye’s on the AH. Unfortunately the Khyber AH only seems to have about 8 colors ever, two of which are grey, one is white, and one is black. None of them are the same blue that I got in a Red White and Blue Hair dye lottery and used on my TWF Drowalidn. To all those who think I will spend 25k on a buyout for the same hair dye that has a 1,500 buyout in the AH, I laugh at you. Ha. HAHA.

Neverwinter’s Summer Festival

I checked this out during the down time. It took me about 30 min to get tired of it. It’s exactly like everything else in NWO. You have some spots where you fight spawn campers for mobs to drop things you need for turn in. You have a big event where you have to deal with spawn campers. You have some mildly interesting gathering missions (corn) and you can round up some stray pigs and chickens. All this for some event themed mounts and items. While the idea of the water balloons (childhood flashback) and the pig mount are amusing, it’s not very interesting and really not D&D.

One thing I would like to see DDO add from this, however, is something they are already heading towards. There is a daily quest given to you for the event, where you run around and participate in everything once for a daily participation reward. That might be great to add to DDO’s events like the Cove and the Ice Games.

Daily Dice

I have been loving the new Daily Dice. I managed to pull a top roll in the Silver, which netted me a Raid Timer Bypass and later I got a Jewlers kit. I promptly sold them on the Shard Exchange. I then used those proceeds to buy some gold rolls (with the daily silver discount, of course). I got some randomly mildly useful stuff, but probably most significantly I pulled a +5 Dex tome. My first at higher than a +2. I felt all special until the next day when I logged in. Someone announced in general chat that they had also won a +5 Dex tome with their free VIP gold roll. Ah, how quickly the glitter fades.

My Picture Portal Run

This is how I normally run PP. Here is the wiki map if you need it for the room labels.

Starting in the Servants Quarters, I go through the first door and I make the first right. I hit all three of the doors down here and I smash everything in sight. I always smash what I feel I can easily reach. Be sure to keep your eye out, I have noticed after U19 that sometimes instead of going into your inventory the keys will drop on the ground when you break something.

Then after the hall is clear, I head to the first keyed door. On the off chance I did not manage to get the right key yet, I will sometimes go back to the ramp area near here. One of the two rooms upstairs should have it.

Moving into the Gallery, I try to decide if it’s worth it to go upstairs. If I feel I am doing good on time, I will go up there. Sometimes I just hit the top of the ramp and look down towards the entrance of the Inner Courtyard or to the Shrine to see if there is a key there. If there is not, I definitely skip it. Don’t forget to check the other side of the ramp from where you entered for a possible key spawn.

After you feel you are done in the Gallery, head to the Inner Courtyard. You have the option of checking the levels above your head for keys. I might if I am missing one to move on, but I feel it takes to long otherwise. When I first get to the courtyard, I check under the ramp to the right for a key that sometimes spawns there, then I head up it to the Library door.

A few points of interest in the Library. First there is a possible key spawn on the level right above your head as you enter. There is another possible key spawn up the ramp as you make the first left. There is another possible key spawn between the bookshelves in the long area. The last spawn I check is the one behind the breakable bookshelf just before you go down the last ramp before the Ritual Chamber. Sometimes I will skip the ritual chamber if there is no key there and I feel I am short on time. If I feel I am good on time, I will clear the ritual Chamber even if there is no key. You can see the key from the top of the ramp looking down into it, without aggroing the guard there. Now I head into the Bath House.

The first thing I do in the Bath House is check to the right of the shrines for a fire elemental. It dosent always spawn, but I got tired of it sneaking up on me later. The door you are aiming for here is the one to the north of the Backdoor on the ground floor. Don’t go into the Backdoor area itself. This door is one of my main checkpoints. If I don’t have the keys to this door, I know completion will be very difficult. You might get lucky and find what you need on the top level of the bath House, but most likely you are going to have to backtrack to the Library to look.

After you exit the Bath House on the north end, head straight across to the Planar Observatory. You can check that hallway to the north if you need keys. There are a few sub area’s there that might have what you are looking for. You can also try to solve the puzzle in the Observatory, but that is a slow process for me.

So from the Observatory you have two choices, probably depending on what keys you have. North is the War Room with the Meatshiled, and East is the Boudior with the Healer. Kill one of them, and you are guaranteed a completion.

The only major downside to my path, if you are running solo, is that after you kill the meatshield and the healer, you are stuck behind doors that open from the other direction. You either have to use a portal and hope you land someplace good, or head for the rogue. Presuming you have any time left, of course.

Well, that’s it for now. I will probably spend part of my time leveling Hypure and the rest playing with enhancements on characters I haven’t finished yet. Keep an eye out for me if you are on Khyber. Until next time, Don’t Starve.


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  1. Yay! Picture Portals walkthrough!

  2. Gratz on accomplishments and stuff. Don’t let what I’m about to say (in jest) belittle the congratulations.

    But I’m thinking you mean “True Reincarnation” and not “True Ressurection”…unless maybe you’re trying to impress perma-deathers or you think the casting of that particular version of the raise dead spell is incredibly rare… 😉

  3. As for any of the mansions – I always do the rogue first – on a melee you have enough HP, evasion and its a cakewalk – any self healer will do fine…..I do use a healing hire on melees you just need to lock them in place before the traps and immediately after fighting the rogue….the traps in the rogue-path to cleric area don’t hit hard at all – there are lots of keys on the way and it is an easy connect to the healer so you can get 2 done very easily to up your score. The only problem is getting back from the healer. But solo I hardly ever even try for more than 2 as the returns dimish quickly. Oh and don’t forget there is a secret door in the floor above where the rogue is and you get 2-3 more keys there very easily.

    Final point – I clear out the first hallway (upon quest entrance first to the right then up the ramps to the 3 rooms up top – break everything – with that I never have a problem with keys or time – and usually I have enough keys to open both the path to the library and the bathhouse to give me alot of extra time.

    just some options to think about

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