Mar 312013




Due to popular demand, I will not be retiring my blog. However, this will be the first blog hosted on DDOGamer(I hope) and the final blog I post on MyDDO. When(if) this blog gets posted on DDOGamer, Ive made a special banner thing for what is going to be over each blogs paragraph. So, please at least look at it once and tell me if you like it. I worked kinda hard on it. Kinda.

Click here if you got the guts!

Special note for DDOGamer: With the murder of MyDDO, Id like to take a quick moment to give a special thank you to Mr. Geoff Hanna for allowing me to use DDOGamer as a way to continue getting my blog out to the MyDDO masses. I hope you all find yourselves able to continue enjoying my blogs! Yup!

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  1. It worked! And I’m diggin the banner!

  2. Very nice Ms. Mizz and welcome to DDOGamer 🙂

  3. Happy to see you here also! As a fellow “old games” aficionado, I am always pleased to see someone who like them too!

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