Oct 032012

Before and After
Goodbye Mawry the Monk. Hello Mawry the Cleric!

Yesterday was cap day for Mawry, again, yet another cap day on her path to Completionism.

For some reason, this life took FOREVER to complete. But on the plus side, it was a good life, competent even, as the dark monk build is as end-game capable as any I have ever constructed.

As is traditional, some notes:

Broad Focus

One does not min/max a single attribute as a Monk in the same way that one does for a DEX Ranger or a Wizard. Maybe this is because I did not play Mawry in epics, but I found that having STR, DEX, CON and WIS all about equally advanced was a better choice.

Stream of Damage

Again this may be just me and not representative of dark Monks as a whole, but I never got the gigantic big hit numbers off of Mawry. Instead I got a whole lot of moderate numbers, a continuous cloud of 50-60 rather than that one big critical smackdown hit.

Agro Magnet

Because of this “stream of damage” attack, other melees might hit harder, but somehow I ended up pulling and holding agro anyway. Except when I was paired up against very well-built, heavily geared endgame DPS builds.

The Dark Side Has Cookies

The Dark Monk is definitely superior in terms of raw melee over the Light Monk.

Ninja Spy II Is Over-Rated

The ability you receive when you take prestige enhancement Ninja Spy I, Shadow Fade, is excellent and is worth keeping engaged at all times. The ability you get for Ninja Spy II, Dance of the Water Spider, is useless except in one or two places and I never engaged it once my entire life other than testing it when I first got it.

Soul Survivor

A monk is incredibly survivable. I was often the last living party member, gathering stones and running for the shrine.

Single Purpose

You can really fight up a storm as a dark monk. But that is all you do. No flexible roles, measly UMD, no useful ranged (unless you build your monk for that). Just fighting. Really good fighting, but just fighting.

Requires A Healer

In the same vein, there is no easy way to self-heal as a dark monk. One can top off between fights using Wholeness of Body but that is not practical during a fight. You will be dependent on a healer, and need pocket healers to solo. Vampiric handwraps might help, I never was able to acquire any, but I doubt even that will be enough to avoid needing a lot of Heystack Ironhorse and his ilk.

You’ll Need Handwraps. Lots and Lots of Handwraps

Because you hit so often, but so (relatively) lightly, having the right handwraps is even more important than usual. Since handwraps seems to be the most expensive item on the auction house, expect to spend a lot of plat building your collection. Better, start collecting in advance.


Overall this was Mawry’s most effective build yet. Fun to play too, even if a little too one-dimensional to fit Mawry’s definition of a Commando. I died playing her of course, a lot, but I always do regardless of my character. I died less with this build. A competent player would have died rarely if at all. The build is just that effective.

Up next: self-healing all over the place as Mawry dabbles in cleric-hood.

I bet I still die. Needlessly, uselessly, and frequently.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Vamp wraps are the thing your missing. Once that stream of 50-60s become a stream of 50-60 and +3-5 hp for you your survival rate more then doubles.

    Also were you able to simi amp up? the healing marks or clr past life with some amp is fairly tight while in the fight, and then you can wholeness post fight as needed…

    Question, You doing pure 20 builds or simi complex builds?

  2. Last life was pure monk. This life will be mostly cleric but also 2 rogue and either 2 ranger or 3 paladin

  3. There’s a part of me that wants to go dark monk simply to run across the water in the Harbor yelling “Look, I’m Jesus!”

    But yeah… I simply like light monk way too much to even seriously consider dark. Self-healing? Yes please! DR-breaking? Yes please! Another stun (this one RANGED!)? Yes please! Yet another stun (well, effectively, at least) for “tainted creatures”, this one lasting 30 seconds AND looking damned cool in the process? Yes please! Out-right banishment? Yes-please!

    Yeah, dark monks may do more damage… but I’m not entirely convinced. I’ll take doing a little less healing while being able to at least somewhat self-heal in battle. My monk once effectively played party healer in a Sane Asylum, ’cause the cleric kept blowing through his SP (not sure on WHAT, all i know is 2 minutes after shrining, he had no blue bar). 2-4 HP per punch may not seem like a lot, but the speed of monk smash-in-the-face-yness, it adds up quickly.

    I do, however, rather want to try a Ninja/PM – either zombie or vampire.

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