Jan 242013

The DDO Forums can be a harsh place, a compilation of condescension and pompousness stirred with a generous helping of spite and served with a heaping pile of pile-on. But they can also provide helpful information if one is willing to wade through the dross.

Some corners of the DDO Forums are actually pleasant, welcome oases of humor/art/silliness/helpfulness in an ocean of bile.

There are two threads that especially stand out, at least from my point of view. The Album Covers thread (which I’ve talked about before) and the MMOtivational Posters thread (which I started so of course I like it).

Both were started long ago but are still going, each receiving the occasional new addition, a heartbeat, just enough to keep them from ever being subject to “necro” rules about re-activating dead threads.

I add to them too. Here are my latest additions.

MMOtivational Poster:
Tasty Ham!

Album Cover:
Fists of Light

If you haven’t been to these threads in awhile, check them out.

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  1. Loved the first one, that’s what I would look if I saw the long aticipated shard of the red dragon in the chest.

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