Nov 052012

Foul miasma? Or golden-toned voice of wonder?

There are some really good voice overs in DDO. Almost all of the dungeon masters are particularly notable, adding gravitas and urgency to what your characters are seeing in front of them.

I know that some people play DDO with the DM voice turned off. I can only assume they are not original Dungeons & Dragons players; the DM is just supposed to be part of it, much in the way that windblown hair is part of owning a convertible.

It just is. You don’t question it.

Some of the Dungeon Master narrations stand out because the DM has such an amazing voice. Some are memorable because the text is so perfect for the moment. Some because the DM is Gary Gygax, or Dave Arneson.

Many of the DM voices have been male, but not all, and it doesn’t matter. This is another area of life where either gender is equally capable.

Most of the voices have seemed very professional, some less. In some cases, the DM voice seemed like it was added in a rush, maybe even with some Turbine employee roped in at the last minute. But this is not the norm, most of the DM layers are added with obvious care and are well fit to the quests they narrate.

Sunset over Sorrowdusk
Views like this make Sorrowdusk Isle easy to like

But one stands out. Among the dozens (hundreds?) of hours of DM voice overs, one has such perfect timbre and rhythm that it ought to be a short story all it’s own: the Foul Miasma announcement at the foot of the Temple of the Six on Sorrowdusk Isle.

It is perfect. The voice is amazing, the script is amazing, the temple itself is amazing, it is ten perfect seconds amongst a game full of memorable moments.

This one moment of DDO proves that Roger Ebert is wrong; video games can be art.

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  1. Yeah I’m one who openly turns the voice off. For me it’s highly distracting. A distracted Natalie is a frightening Natalie!

  2. I irratate Tobril to no end because my DM voices are turned off. But god bless those that can play with them on.

  3. Gotta have the voice over!!

    Need more.

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