Oct 252012

A couple of weeks back, I was privileged to appear on the DDOCast podcast. I can’t imagine that anyone reading this doesn’t already know everything there is to know about DDOCast, but just in case, Anne and Sigfried Trent host a bi-weekly hour-or-so that is smartly done, professionally edited, and all about our beloved game DDO.

Turbine employees are frequent guests, the community is encouraged to submit segments – and often does – and there is no better place to get tips, tricks, and expert knowledge about any DDO-related topic.

But I digress. This is not about DDOCast, this is about the DDO Store.

One of the questions asked was how we use the DDO Store. My answer was easy, raise cakes. I live and die by them (so to speak). But I do have to buy other things now and then and I wondered if I had been entirely accurate. And more, I wondered if there was a way to tell.

I vaguely remember a release note mention, some time ago, I have no idea which release, that a history feature had been added to the DDO Store. Time to check it out!

It took awhile to find it but I did:

  1. First, open the DDO Store while in-game
  2. Click on the “My Account” link in the upper right corner
  3. A panel will appear titled “Your Info”
  4. In the panel, locate and click the link “View Purchase History”


A sordid history
A sordid history indeed

There you go, a scrollable history of your last 60 days of DDO store activity, including Turbine Points earned for favor as well as purchases.

It is possible to select the history and Ctrl-C copy it, but I could not get it to paste into a spreadsheet without de-formatting it into uselessness. In fairness, I didn’t try very hard, there may be a way to do it if one is properly determined.

I was a bit disappointed to see that it only goes back 60 days. I would have liked to have seen my history going all the way back to 2009. This limits the effectiveness of my analysis – I can no longer determine what my largest purchase is, but rather am only able to tell what my largest purchase has been recently.

Okay, that is still a sample, and one works with the data one has.

First, a total cost comparison by purchase type:

Purchases by cost

DDO Store Purchases by cost

No, I did not spend more on Raise Cakes than anything else. The True Heart of Wood outcost my raise cakes all by itself. Surprising! But no.

Next, a quantity analysis:

Purchases by quantity

Purchases by quantity

Ah HAH! Just as I thought, more Raise Cakes than anything else. In fact, there are nearly as many raise cakes purchased as there is everything else, combined! Nearly.

I wonder what it is about charts and analysis that seems so … definitive. But whatever. I love them and am not ashamed to admit it.

So now I know how to use the DDO Store history. And I know a little bit more about how I play the game. And I got to play with some charts too.

A good day.

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  1. 1, my twitter and blog are the best place to get tips and questions answered about DDO. Then DDoCast.

    b, knowing what i spend on things would make me cry. I could see Armor skins and Hearts taking the top billing in my store sales.

  2. What? You mean you haven’t kept all your e-mail receipots from the DDO store? Surely, I can’t be the only one who has (and by “all” I mean “every single one since rolling-up my first toon”). Obsessive? Who’s obsessive?

    {BTW – not sure what’s going on with your comments section, but it is completely ‘black’ to me – I can’t see a thing, unless I highlight it – makes it hard to edit. Just FYI.)

  3. @comic: thanks for the heads up, I’ll look into it.

    @samius: I think you spelled “hubris” wrong ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. No, NO, Not a complete list of my spending….
    I have a “bad habit of buying the gold contracts and keeping one spare. For when final Boss kills the healer. and I’m near death.
    so is my bank account LOL

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