May 222011

I was musing out loud about the fact that I hadn’t posted anything on my gaming blog. I have family in town, not a lot of DDO being played.

My daughter’s response: “post how incredibly awesome I am”.

And so I am. Here is my daughter’s Awesomeness index:

  • Percentage of Awesomeness: 100%
  • Days of Awesomeness (per week): Mon-Sun
  • Portions Containing Awesomeness: All
  • Composite Incredible Awesomeness Factor: Over 9000

I am a truly lucky gamer

One of the best things
That can happen to a man:
An Awesome Daughter

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Nice. A bit sappy, maybe, but real nice.

  2. As I prepare to head out the door to watch my daughter perform on a big theater stage with a youth choir, I have to crawl over the drippy, goopy, sloppy mess that is this post. The substance can only be…awesomesauce! 😉

  3. Haha. Awesome people are awesome. Its awesome you have such an awesome daughter. I hope the awesomness never wears off. =]

  4. Sappy is good sometimes. Awesome is good all the time. 🙂

    My two “daughters” are of the feline variety, but I think they’re pretty awesome too – even when one of them makes an unexpected flying leap into my lap just as I intimidate a huge crowd of trogs. 😀

  5. A CIAF over 9000!?!?! Implausible!

  6. The best part: she is way more awesome than my limited language abilities are able to describe.

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