Jul 252012
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This is the custom design
Note use of font Zapf Chancery

Gift-giving can be tough, especially rough amongst grown siblings. We have enough discretionary income to just buy something if we really want it.

Don’t want to go overboard and make him feel like he has to match me, but at the same time, don’t want to throw out something so easy and thought-free that it devalues the importance I place on our relationship.

But no pressure, right?

I do have an out in the case of my brother. He collects board games, and I go to GenCon, the universal center of US boardgaming. So each year I buy him an appropriate new (or collectible old) game while at the convention and give it to him the next time I see him. Conveniently, both of our birthdays are in August, or as it is called in my house, “GenCon month”. Done and done.

But not this year. No, this year my brother will be joining my Gamer Girl and I at GenCon. That completely removes any thoughtfulness from a game bought at the convention. “Hey bro, happy birthday, here’s something I just bought for you ten minutes ago, hope you didn’t already pick it up for yourself”.

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And this is the design applied
to a 100% cotton kelly green T

Might as well just give him cash.

Several angsty days passed while I ruminated on this gift-giving conundrum. But then I remembered supporting DDOCast the other day via purchase of a couple of their custom t-shirts; Ah Hah! It hits me: a funny gaming t-shirt! Perfect!

But it gets better: while browsing funny gaming t-shirts I accidentally discovered that I could make a custom t-shirt of my very own, even if it would only have a print run of one.

One custom designed t-shirt. What could be more full of thoughtfulness than something designed specifically for the occasion? Must be green, that’s his favorite color. Should be mildly humorous and game-related, particularly as it will be gifted while at GenCon. Preferably something he can wear while there. I can even use his favorite font.* Needs a custom graphic, or maybe a custom collage of existing graphics …

* Yes, my brother has a favorite font. I come from a long line of geeks and nerds.

This is even better than trying to find him an obscure yet collectible game.

I hope he likes it as much as I am liking giving it to him.

🙂 😀 🙂

  7 Responses to “My Brother Doesn’t Read This So I Can Safely Show You His Birthday Present”

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  1. I have a favorite font! I like the Old English Text font Its fancy. 😀

    I hope he likes his gift!

  2. Right on!

    I need to get the art department some time off from their “real” jobs so i can get a new CtH shirt made for Gencon. But i don’t see it happening.

  3. You mean his favorite font is not the old “Star Trek: TOS” font? I though you said you came from a long line of geeks and nerds?…

  4. Nice! Gen Con will be fun this year.

  5. You are a very thoughtful brother.

  6. Ah, I am partial to the Agency FB fonts – clean yet distinctive!

  7. Anybody whose favorite color is green deserves great gifts. *grin*

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