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So, recently, I made a poorly written blog titled, ‘Mizzarena’. It was, on a second view, very confusing and hard to follow, even for me. To be honest, it was a confusing blog for me in how I should write it and even more difficult when it came down to the actual writing of it.

Now, regardless of my jokes otherwise, I feel Im a very creative person. I think the ideas I think up in my brain are really good. The problem is, when I come up with ideas in my head, thats the easy part. Its the communicating to others what it is that is in there that I start to have difficulty.

When I see things in my head, I dont really see them with words. I see everything in kind of a still picture or moving picture show. During it things get added or removed based on how good I think itd be. So, when its all finished, I always want to share it with people. But as my Mizzarena blog shows, it just doesnt work out very well. At all.

What happens between my head and my mouth, or my fingers in this case, is that this perfectly composed idea becomes a stream of jumbled nonsense. With things involving creating an image, like for the “contest” Turbine is holding for DDO right now, I can easily come up with many many great ones. But when I try to take things like that and translate what I see in my brain to the image outside of it, It doesnt come out the way I want either.

Like I said, Im a very creative person. Its my belief that I can come up with better ideas than anyone regarding anything. This includes my Mizzarena Idea. With DDOs PvP being as dead as it is, Turbine should either remove it from the game or look into some way to make it bigger than it is and make it rewarding for anyone and everyone that participates.

For the people who use the ‘It takes time and resources’ excuse for Turbine over and over, please remember that recently a dev or group of devs at Turbine gave us ‘Auto Sheathe’. As was sarcastically pointed out by Evennote on one of Kaevas(sorry if I spelled your name wrong), they used time and resources to give us that instead of bug fixes or even working on the lag issue.*

*I just want to say, real quickly, to the dev(s) who made the ‘Auto Sheathe’ update, I hate you. With every fiber of my being. Why? Remember when you guys bungled the Monk Outfit update and lost my and every other Monks outfits? Well, when I logged into my Artificer and saw no weapon, I thought you idiots had done it again but with weapons. Thankfully I had Comic to tell me about what it was.

So, there yuh have it ladies and gents, thats why my idea blogs all suck and are confusing beyond reason. So, I apologize in advance if any future such blogs confuse you. But its only a small tiny itty bitty apology.

Moving On To Other Things

RIGHT! Well, as you all know, Ive been spending some amount of time on WoW. Ive been having a blast. Its a great fun game and when Im next able to, Im going to renew my membership. Its earned it. That and I still have so MUCH to see and do! I want to play every race at least once. The classes, pretty much all I wanna play are the melee & Hunter classes.

My favorite character so far is my Worgen Warrior. The introductory story for Worgens is pretty great and fun to play through. My only problem with the Worgen race is that I wish that I could stay in Human form during combat. I also have a Troll Warrior whos awesome to play with, mostly because shes got a wicked awesome mohawk. Then theres my Night Elf Hunter whos currently my highest level character. Shes been cool to play as. More recently, I created a Gnome Rogue and a Pandarian Monk. The Gnome was fun to run around with. theyre so SMALL! AND CUTE!!! The Panda Monk is a blast to play with. Alot easier to play than the DDO Monks. Not as powerful maybe, but still alot of fun. That and Im a PANDA! I decided that she would join the Alliance. Which is funny because I recently thought to my self, ‘I really need to play Horde side more.’.

Reading Kaevas blogs recently has actually made me miss LotRO again. Im not sure when Ill pop onto my Guardian over there again. Right now I kinda feel like I just want to start a new character from scratch. But, ultimatly, Im gonna head back to DDO when my time on WoW is up and just see how I feel on it. Like Ive said in one of my older blogs, its kinda hard to find enjoyment in playing a game solo when you wanna play it with your buddies and I can only do that on weekends on DDO.

So, anyways, thats all Ive gotta say this time. Hope everyone takes care!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day


My Panda Monk Gheajra!

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  1. PANDA MONK! I want to be a panda monk!

    • I know! It’s a blast. I’m gonna take her to lvl 20 or so then start working on my gnome. 🙂

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