May 112013



So, there I was, sitting on my tiny little hiney, when all of a sudden, I thunk to myself, ‘Hey Natty Nat! why dont we write a blog?!’ To which my reply was, ‘YEAH! Lets write a blog!’ So here I am, sitting on my tiny little hiney, still, now writing a blog about how my blog is amazing. It just must be! Really and truely! Yup! Why do I know this? Well, its because I write more than ANYONE! Yup! Except Mr. Geoffhanna. But thats because he is me and me is he except he isnt me and me is me and not he because he is he not me so he isnt me because only me can be me while he is he. So, without further ado, I give to you, the newest Mizzablog!(Not to be confused with those OTHER blogs.)

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  1. I can’t seem to find the option that fits me : (

  2. Well, since I now must subscribe to leave a comment on your actual blog site (when did that happen?), I’ll try leaving one here…

    My DDO forum account is one of the screwed-up ones. Meaning I cannot login to my actual account (2 weeks now, and counting, Turbine…not cool…). Anyway, even though my forum account is setup to notify me by e-mail when I get a PM, I have not seen one come in. So I don’t know if I am getting them or not, seeing as how I don’t know if anyone’s left me one or not. So – if you sent me a PM through the fora (sorry, “forums”), I have not seen it and cannot get to it at this time (through my forum account). Thus, the best way to contact me ATM is via my personal e-mail account (which you should have, if you bothered to write it down when it was on the MOTD). If not – try sending me a message in-game; use Zbran on Cannith.

    OK, now that the set-up is done…so IF I had known you were going to play this weekend, I could have made it (well, today [Saturday], but not tomorrow). But since I didn’t, I was busy messing around trying to get my new SSD working on my Win XP Pro (32bit) OS. Took me all morning, but I am finally back up and running (yay!). So – I’m sorry I missed you – send me an e-mail when you’re going to be on again.

    BTW – in case any of you were wondering what my SSD problem was, it was this: I was adding a second SSD to my system (I already have one as my boot disk, and a 1.5TB HDD “storage” disk). (All drives are SATA, BTW – yes, that is relevant.) Problem was that when connected before booting, system would hang before Windows splash screen came up (recognized by BIOS, but it would hang). If I connected after booting, Windows regcognized it just fine – but rebooting with it connected would hang the system. However, even though WIndows recognized it, the SSD software thought it was a RAID drive (which it is not). So that was the 2nd problem. Solution to 2nd problem: Make sure your SATA ports are set for AHCI in the BIOS – WARNING: If originally set to IDE (like mine) and you installed windows (like I did) you cannot simply change it in BIOS or you will get a BSOD (that’s “Blue Screen of Death”). You must first upgrade your IDE driver to be the AHCI driver for your SATA ports, then once you reboot change to AHCI in BIOS and that should fix it (unlike what many fora [sorry, “forums”] out there say, you DO NOT have to re-install Windows to fix this issue).

    But I still had the first issue. I could not find anything out in the web-o-sphere that offered a solution. But I did happen to stumble upon it by myself. The solution? Well, I can only assume that SATA port-order is important because I originally had the new SSD on port 2, and my 1.5TB HDD on port 1 (boot SSD on port 0 and BDWriter on port 3) and once I swapped them (putting the HDD on port 2 and the new SSD on port 1) the problem was solved.

    Who knew? Apparently nobody who wanted to share that info (until now).

    OK – I’m very sorry for this very lengthy comment post, but thought if I helped even one person with a similar SSD issue, it would be worth it. If not – well, it’s only a couple of paragraphs…


    • I did write the email down! But then… I lost it. I think. It’s okay though. You sound like you were having a busy day with your computer anyways! Ill work on getting your email address from yuh in game. Sorry I couldn’t contact you!

      As for registering to leave comments on my blogspot page, I’ve been trying to tweak the comment options to make getting people to comment there easier. I guess it’s not working. *sigh*

      Glad to see you’re alive buddy!!! 🙂 you need to start blogging again.

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