Dec 012014

Coin loves her Bag Deposit Box even more than I do
Coin loves her Bag Deposit Box even more than I do
Which is saying a lot because I love it SO MUCH!

I nearly forgot just how much I love the Bag Deposit Box. I love it so much! If I could take it out for dinner I, I totally would. Me and Bag Deposit Box, out on the town, putting away a couple of cold ones. I’d pick up the tab too – this one’s on me Bag Deposit Box!

Because that is how much the Bag Deposit Box has improved my quality of DDO life.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about Bag Deposit Box. I’ve even included step-by-step instructions on its use; although really, what could be simpler than just dropping your bags onto the Bag Deposit Box and having it automatically extract the contents?

But it bears repeating. Bag Deposit Box is awesome!

Playing Inventory in DDO is the opposite of fun. I’ve written about it, talked about it on DDOCast, even laid out the requirements for an app to do it. But still, there it is, sucking all the fun out of the room.

It is time-consuming, clicky, and highly unsatisfactory. Yet, now and then, one must spend a lot of time at it. Even my Gamer Girl, who is not nearly as hoardy as I am, even she had to spend almost two hours Sunday doing nothing but inventory.


But Bag Deposit Box has made it ever so much better than it was. Not good of course, how could it be good, it is still playing inventory. But better, much better, and much less clicky.

Maybe I so appreciate Bag Deposit Box because of my hoarding: I used to have to mail everything to Coin for safekeeping. Later, when Shared Bank came out, I used that instead, at least until I’d fill it up (which happened very, very quickly). Then we got storage bags, and I learned to fill up entire bags and swap them to Coin through the Shared Bank. Each of these methods was better than the one before, but none of them were good. Still no fun. Still a clickfest.

But now I just drop bags onto Bag Deposit Box and wait for Coin to come collect them at leisure. I have so many Bag Deposit Box slots that there is no rush; weeks or even months can pass between Coin’s clean-outs.

So much better. Not good, but still, so much better.

Bag Deposit Box, I love you.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Now if there was only a way to just as easy transfer items from your Bag Deposit Box back into your Bag, instead of individually clicking each item in to deposit box to Send them to your inventory, so that they can be auto gathered by the appropriate bag…

  2. Or how about a account wide inventory search, including TR cache, all of your toons bank space, inventory space, bags, etc. Also available offline and at the log in screen as well(and of course in game). But only if it works as intended & does not make lag any worse. This is like top 5 on my most wanted list.
    (for transparency sakes: I am not playing DDO any longer for about 6 months, this is only *one* of the major reasons why).

  3. I’ve had all kinds of ideas about inventory, all good ones too, but at this point I think I would just settle for a functioning multi-select so whatever it is I am about to do, I can do it to many all/many/some items at the same time.

  4. The bag deposit box is definitely a huge plus for me as well. It has made dealing with collectibles and ingredients so much easier…

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