Oct 262011

And now we are five.

Or at least, now we (meaning I) are on our fifth life (meaning I have no real life as it is all being used up by this completionist quest).

Mawry capped again, this time finishing her Bard escapade. As has become traditional, here are her notes from life number four:

Bard meleers have a real problem with DPS

Even warchanters. They just do. You can try to mitigate this in lots of different ways but ultimately, if you want to be a top-shelf hitter, this is not the class for you.

Bards begin dominant but taper off at higher levels

Mawry was very (very!) deadly early in her career but somewhere around 16th level that started to change, and by Amrath it was a real challenge just to stay alive. Not that this is a bad thing, challenge = fun.

I suppose it is possible that my issue was not really with Bards but with Mawry’s build … nah, has to be bards in general, can’t be me.

And I should mention that I was banking levels, and so was wandering Shavarath on Hard while only level 18.

But songs … oh the songs … so nice!

No one ever minds having a bard in their group. If you can hit too, great! But everyone would settle just for the songs.

Respect the Notes!

This was my battlecry as I tried to train my guildmates to stop breaking Fascination. Usually my battlecry went for naught. Now and then though, in the right circumstances, Fascinate was a real game changer. Nothing saves from it. Nothing.

Smiters let you play over your head in House C

Really. Dual a pair of smiting rapiers in any of the new content. Watch the kill count.

Bard14/Ranger6 was a better split than I expected

The two classes complement each other nicely, whether I was in the front lines TWF or stepping back and toggling into Multishot mode.

Bravery Bonus is as much of a pain as it is a gain

Sometimes you just can’t get a group together to run quests on Hard, some quests more than others, but in general it really limited your ability to find or create PUG groups. Your guildmates can be constrained by this as well.

General Comments

Overall, this was a fun life. A good build for soloing, and also a good build for groups. The self-healing was a real plus!

Favorite tactic: fascinate a herd of bad guys and then break out the paralyzers. Kill everything, one a time, they might not get a chance to touch you at all.

But now Mawry is off to the dark side! She has reappeared as a tiny nigh-virginal Monk. Dark monk, I have a light monk already and I require variety. More news to come …

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I gave up on Warchanter and LRed my bard into a Spellsinger. Now her lousy DPS doesn’t matter. πŸ˜€

    Wait, party members can break Fascinate? You mean maybe her Fascinate DOES work and it’s her party members breaking it! Must try this!

    Halfling monks FREAKING RULE.

  2. Yep, Fascinate gets broken with any damage. So you can fascinate a group, and have the wizard drop an AoE and wake everybody up. I had that problem in the Cove with one group, with Music of the Dead… a wizard kept insisting on following me and waking up all the skellies and then dying in the process as he kited back to the central room screaming for help… while I chased for a short while, first trying to regain the aggro and then trying to heal him and then saying screw it and moving on to the next group. And other groups, there’d be like Jack Jibbers and a dozen hobbies in the main room, and I’d run around and enthrall (Virtuoso – like fascinate, but BETTER) all the hobbies… and then start yelling at the group to ignore them, they’re controlled, concentrate on Jack, dammit, STOP WAKING UP THE HOBBIES! … to no avail.

    But when you’re in a group that respects the notes… oh, how loverly it can be. Limit the AoE, everybody attacks the same target, move on to the next. Ignore the controlled trash and take out the boss. Meanwhile, the cleric’s sitting there feeling useless with a full blue bar and contemplating learning how to juggle with all these mana pots he’s not chugging…

    Ooh… I bet Music of the Dead/fascinate would work GREAT in that one House P quest where you have to protect the mummies… too bad I’ve already done it on Elite and have no intention of going back there lol

  3. Cool – ‘cuz I’ve decided to go “virtuoso” on my bard build. First bard, first “pre-planned” prestige class enhancement (for any toon). It will be…

  4. Sounds like fun and I agree that melee for bards can be a problem. I went spellsinger and stopped pretending that I could melee on my first (so far only) bard and am much happier with her. She’s capped and helps my guildies out.

    I’m contemplating a 2 rogue/6 ranger/12 bard warchanter experiment for bard on my completionist. Not sure she’ll need the evasion, but skill points are nice. I’m not sure how I’d run the class level progression for a 2/6/12 split. What was your progression for 6/14?

  5. I agree that two rogue levels would add more value than the two extra bard levels, for a character that is going to actually play at level 20 rather than just TR again.

    I think I had about 4 bard levels before I took any ranger but then I went ahead and took all 6 ranger levels in a row. I’m not sure that is the ideal way to do it, it kind of just happened that way.

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