Jan 242010

Having conquered Favored Soul, Mawry stops to ponder lessons learned from her last 20 levels of Completionist XP-mongering

Gimpiness hurts us all

  • When you have the leader sending you tells in ToD begging you to please not die, that is a clue. Listen to it πŸ™

Character Planner is your friend

  • It ought to be possible to be a meleeing, ranging, nuking FvS. But apparently it is not easy nor something you can figure out “on the fly”

Avoid builds that mature late

  • Its frustrating to finally unlock that one key special ability at level 19 when you are reincarnating again in two or three days

Wounding of Puncturing still has its purpose

  • Nerf or no nerf, it is still very helpful in many situations. Especially soloing

Wings are awesome

  • I will miss the wings. Really I will

Friends are even more awesome than wings

  • A big shout out to my guild partner Pug who doggedly and persistently drug me through the last couple of levels even though he capped his own completionist a week ago

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  1. If you are soloing quests and die do you just leave the quest to start again because of the lost XP?

  2. I don’t solo all that much. And when I do, it is usually in an adventure zone so death does not change XP.

    But sometimes I solo a quest. Death is a 10% hit. If I die early in the quest, or if it is one that has a lot of XP (meaning the loss will be significant), I’ll start over.

    Obviously [Not Dying] is a better strategy πŸ™‚

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