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TOEE Armor
Otis the Mushroomist, Bricki Lee, and a set of armor I am pretty sure she needs

Finally they are gathered, sorted, piled, counted, and accumulated. All of them. Finally.

It has taken me all of this time, regularly running the Temple of Elemental Evil on Heroic using my Epic characters, finally after … 15? 20? 25? runs I have accumulated enough assorted mushroomery to equip one character.

One. Character. One. So I have to do this right, I am seriously unlikely to get a redo chance it I muck it up.

I have chosen Bricki Lee, a Druid that mixes knife fighting in with her casting. I chose her based on logic, which I am hoping you all will help me double-check:


Assumption 1:

Everyone else has green steel, and green still is still better than TOEE heroic weapons. But Bricki Lee will probably never have green steel. Heroic TOEE is the next best thing and will likely last her through the heroic levels.

With that decision made, the next decision is exactly what to make. Bricki Lee is based on a tabletop character that dual-wielded daggers (it is a long story why, having to do with switchblades and Sprites). I’ve always thought of her as a dagger fighter in DDO too, although daggers are admittedly horrible weapons.

So I need to decide for myself if I want to continue the role playing aspect of dagger fighting or equip her with something more effective. And similarly, I have to decide if I want to invest any feats in her melee skills (even though that will be pretty wasted in Epic levels), and if so, what melee style fits her (although again from a role-playing point of view she was a dual-wielder). So those decisions are on me.

Yet that still leaves the question of what to build. Caster weapons? Or melee weapons? And that leads me to another assumption that I would like you all to double-check:

Assumption 2:

TOEE caster weapons are kind of a waste of mushrooms because better caster sticks drop as random loot pretty early in levels. But TOEE melee weapons are special and totally worth the mushrooms.

And yet another:

Assumption 3:

TOEE armor is actually pretty good, especially the leather for Druids who have a hard time finding anything non-metallic worth equipping in the heroic levels. Another worthwhile way to spend mushrooms.

So here I am, sitting on a pile of 600 Rusty Gilled mushrooms, 300 Yellow Parisol Mushrooms, at least 50 of each type of elemental colored mushroom, and even three Red Cage Mushrooms (though no Octopus Stinkhorns at all).

How may I use them most effectively? Two melee weapons and a set of armor?

What do you think?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. for the daggers, you could give (her?) two glammered daggers and in reality something with a bit more oomph (the ToEE skins are really nice too). But armor does seem like a solid way to go too

  2. For heroic levels, the armour is very solid though once you get to 12-14 better stuff can start to become available (but it still holds up well), and the heroic weapons IMO you’re definitely better off with the melee damage rather than caster versions – as mentioned above though, you could always use skins for the weapon appearance & actually be holding other items… the cranium cracker club from ToEE has vampirism (and NOT just the lesser version!) and hardened spikes (4d6 piercing damage proc on every hit) plus a 19-20/x3 crit profile so is pretty frikken phenomenal, though might require some farming on a highbie to get it more easily – pair one of those with a crafted one for it’s AoE capabilities maybe?

    Also, don’t overlook the fact that once they’ve been crafted they’re only bound to account not character, so you can always pass them around if necessary 🙂

  3. You can craft better by using these Cel or Planar blanks, You can equip at L6 or put a heavy fort auggie in there for L8.

    • Those are some nice blanks Livmo! But I am not certain that they are better. The armor bonus is better, except it isn’t because but the blanks are +0 while the TOEE sets are +3. Also (dusk, 75% fort, green slot) > (deathblock, blue slot)


      Especially if you add a Mythinc upgrade for a couple of PRR and MRR?

      • It depends, take Deathblock off the item and add +3 and the ML is 6 with a Masterful Shard. Keeping the +3 and adding Dusk as the suffix raises the ML 12.

        You can do allot of combos with the Cannith crafted over ToEE, and when you’re done using the Cannith craftable, you can throw it away and always make another to fit the next life’s build specs.

        Or keep the armor the same and get Dusk, from this at L9

        • I could make the same argument about deathblock and a Silver Flame trinket. Or you could simply fit a deathblock topaz into the green augment slot and still only be minimum level 8.

          You make a persuasive argument but I think we need to be discussing significantly higher minimum levels before crafted armor overtakes TOEE armor.

          If nothing else, the Mythic bonus is a (tiny) tiebreaker.

  4. Cosmetic daggers is a great idea! I wonder which … maybe Skiver? That one looks pretty awesome.

    • Skiver & assassin’s kiss are both pretty to look at, might also be worth checking out the cormyrian one too from estar challenge turn-ins, some of those weapons can have really nice skins too.

  5. I dont think the heroic armor is worth it, ML7 with 75% fort when just one level later you can have 100% easily from augment or random loot, resistance 2 is bad, should have +5 at that level.

    Definatly wouldnt make a caster heroic weapon, melee ones are ok but for how much you have to run it, idk. Id much rather have a named item with an improved Threat or multiplyer, Dagger/bastard/club from ToEE all have that compared to the basic profile

    Sorry you spent alot of time gathering these mushroom, maybe you will use them and like what you get but for me the only thing id bother to craft for heroics is the ranged weapons

    • The question is not “should I grind my brains out for some heroic equipment that will only be worn for a figurative eyeblink in the life of the character?”. No, that is already done. Now the question is “how do best make use of that grindage?”.

  6. *takes notes* *learns*

  7. Since I have not “done my homework” (at least, not completely) on TOEE stuffs, I must abstain from the ‘official’ polling votes above. That said, I agree that druid armor is not the easiest to find. My L18 druid is still wearing “snakeskin”, as nothing else has really presented itself as “better” (at least, in my mind). So if you like the TOEE armor, I’d say go for that.

    …if I were voting, that is.

    • Can take some work to get the bits, but dragonscale (regardless of weight class) is non-metal so if you’re proficient, heavy plate is totally viable & very nice to have in later levels. For heroics, the Darkleaf from tempest’s spine is nice too, also there’s leaves of the forest (not the prettiest admittedly), parasitic breastplate & rakshasa hide are all fairly easy to get & pretty solid performing.

What do you think?

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