Sep 262009

Evangelyne Bith is a trapsmith mechanic. She’s been stalled at 8th level for years to insure I can always run with guildies in that level range. Yet even at 8th level she’s hit the traps in VON5 on Elite.

Bubbly and exhuberant, Evangelyne is always excited and just loves to share her excitement with those around her. Everyone around her. For many miles in all directions.

A former Xen’drik Champion Cheerleader (Halfling division), Evangelyne was once voted “most likely to forget to breathe”.

In spite of her loud volume and painfully perky outlook, she has a natural talent for the business… her tiny stature and years of flexibility and tumbling practice serve her well in her new career as a sneaking swashbuckler.

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  1. Lol, she sounds adorable! 😛

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