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May 222012

I’ve been getting up a lot earlier recently. Which is not a bad thing, as it gives me an opportunity to spend an hour or two in DDO before the day really begins.

Or so I think, really I am so groggy in the early morning that I am not certain what really happens. If not for having a routine I would be altogether helpless.

But I do have that regular routine, fortunately, and all I have to do is follow my normal checklist and everything will be okay 🙂

  • First, see if any of the epic quests that Ejecta needs to complete her gearing are up: eChrono or eDQ
  • If not, is there a ToD? I have two characters still seeking their ToD rings
  • If still no, is there a high-XP group forming for (1) Mawry around 12th level, (2) Chelena around 16th level or (3) Sparksy around 8th level
  • Any LoB or Master Artificer? Epic or otherwise? Oriental would like alchemical handwraps. Ditto for epic Devil Assault, although it takes a brave eDA group leader to accept Oriental’s somewhat unusual build. She does just fine in eDA (of course!) but a lot of leaders are too formulaic and rigid to consider something outside the usual
  • Any epics from Update 12? I run these with Knicker who is looking for a pair of epic Templar’s Justice dwarven axes
  • Any miscellaneous epics? If they are fast I’ll grab Ejecta purely for token acquisition purposes

If still nothing, I should probably solo something on one of my TRs but instead I generally give up and go read Girl Genius or Order of the Stick.

Soloing takes thinking. Too much morning thinking hurts mah brain.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. This is funny to me as i think grouping takes thought soloing is auto pilot on.

  2. I was thinking the same thing. I have to be able to form complete sentences and stuff before I can group. That takes at least half an hour and lotsa coffee.

  3. I play with no mic. It is really brainless. Plus, early in the morning it is usually Chinese groups and as long as I run to the right places and hit the right things, no one expects anything else.

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