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Someone is kidding, right?
Bank Error In No One’s Favor

I am still trying to master the Astral Shard Auction House. Although technically that is not what it is called, it is the “Astral Shard Exchange”. But whatever. This is a continuing investigation, one that I hope will increase my knowledge for personal gain but also so that I may share the results with you.

I’ve had a number of items for sale on the ASAH continuously since it’s inception. Occasionally, they will sell, although never for very much, and this has allowed me to accumulate about 250 shards.

I’ve bought a small number of items too. One can acquire things that are very nice, but not quite top-shelf, quite cheaply, if you watch for specific items. I bought +8 Intelligence SpiderSilk Robes for 3 shards. But not +3 insightful INT robes, those are more valued and cost considerably more.

However, this fact (that one can acquire decent items cheaply) also means you cannot sell your own decent items for very much. The magic number for me seems to be 9. Something decent might sell for 9. It probably won’t sell for 19, and definitely won’t for 29.

And it has to be pretty decent to go for 9. Things that are only good price out at 5.

Also, for some reason, random loot weapons seem to do very poorly. People must just not be seeking them on the ASAH. I’ve posted nice weapons like paralyzing handwraps and impellant khopeshes – things that sell quite well on the normal AH – but never been able to sell even one of them on the ASAH.

Maybe that is just me. Or maybe I am over-estimating the value of my weapons. But named loot appears to be the way to go. Oh, that and certain augments.

Turmoil indeed
Turmoil indeed

Clearly I am not the only one struggling with this. Check out the varying prices for the Turmoil Within, a nice named Rune-Arm. They vary by 400%! Before you ask, all of the listings you can see on this page were for the Epic Elite version. In other words, they are all identical. Only the price differs. And wow, does it differ.

I’ve offered to sell Astral Shards themselves – Coin Serf is willing to deal in anything that results in profit – but to date have met with no success. Posting an offer in the Trade channel always (always!) causes at least one person to respond that the shards are bound, accompanied by whatever the poster feels is humor (although they are invariably wrong about that). By the time I’ve successfully explained why yes, it can be done, I am weary, and no one buys them anyway. Maybe I am asking too much.

My other regular shard-related activity involves the Royal Guard Mask. Whenever I log in, I try to remember to check the AH and the ASAH both to see if anyone has posted a Mask. I haven’t seen one on the regular AH in months, maybe years, but one will occasionally appear on the ASAH. But for 1200 shards, or as I like to call it, $72.00. Ouch – a little too steep for me.

I wonder what I would do if one appeared for 250 shards. I would have to bankrupt myself to buy it. Would I? Maybe.


Do you have any Shard Exchange tips? Please share!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Rob a bank or two and you can haz all the phat lootz you want!

  2. Well i dont know if it is a help or not but i bought something for about 60 shards last night. I even needed to buy the 30 shard pack because i was 15ish shards short. (eH goggles with +3 int) I have been hunting for a eH or better goggle or blue hat so i could swap to the blue dragon armor for a while now. Guess the 60ish shard point was my breaking point for this caliber of item.

  3. I usually just put stuff there to store. Occasionally I will try to sell something, but won’t hold my breath. I sold a paralyzing maul of lacerating for 10 AS to my amazement. Major mnemonic pots also sell fast if the price is right. I once even sold an invisibility pot for 3 AS. When I try to sell, my moto is sell cheap and sell fast because inventory and bank space is more valuable 🙂

  4. Have you been following Posthumus’s ASAH game thread?

    You gotta dodge the trolls, but the root thread has been entertaining.

  5. If you have never used real money to buy shards, why do you convert them back into real dollars? I have, and never will, buy shards with real money, so its easier for me to think of them as just another currency in the game like plat. Harder to get plat, but still just a currency not associated with my wallet.

  6. I’ve sold a few lootgen items on there, though not for much & it pretty much has to be some rare effects like the stuff that only ever appears on ml25 items, especially multi-effect prefixes & suffixes (even more so if both are multi-effect), and in combination with race restriction can be a handy boost to likelihood of selling.

    Some of the grandfathered versions of items that got updated are becoming more sought-after too, such as the original silver longbow, cloak of ice, shining devastation etc. & some of the old tempest spine loot.

    i will admit to having bought a few bits & pieces on the ASAH too, usually just making the minimum bid on something i think looks nice & hoping i’ll get it, but I did once blow out my shard accumulation (400ish?) on a lootgem thing, which was a rather nice +4 desert sand dagger of heavenly wrath – flaming burst, slicing winds, radiant blast & greater sunburst, (that characters a wolf druid so weapon type doesn’t matter, before that i was using an erosive scepter of the sun which i got in regular AH for only 10k pp) and i’m very happy with it 🙂

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