Nov 302012

I’ve been enjoying more of the Underdark and especially Sschindylryn areas. So darkly beautiful. Sometimes the view is made more clear by use of Malchor’s Undersun Goggles, but sometimes it is not. Sometime the view is perfect the way it is, somber tones of subtle contrast, making the viewer work a just a little bit to participate in the viewing.

Judge for yourself.

Sschindylryn south

Sschindylryn south through Malchor's goggles
Sschindylryn Looking South from the ziggurat

Sschindylryn house
Sschindylryn house through Malchor's goggles
A Sschindylryn structure

Sschindylryn north
Sschindylryn north through Malchor's goggles
Sschindylryn Looking north from the ziggurat


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I love how the goggles make the contrast sharper, but remove most color at the same time.

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