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April Fools Day Marilith-MonroeMarilith Monroe in the Ancient World

Marilith Monroe is a legendary Broadway and movie star monster. She first started out in ancient Greek in 430 BC in the city-state of Athens as a part of the Dionysian festival. Sadly her acting career in the ancient world was cut short due to an unfortunate accident involving the evisceration of two stage hands and an innocent goat.

She then moved to India where she changed her name to Lasya and became a dancer performing the Nataraja (The Lord Dance) in the Hindu royal courts.

Marilith Monroe in Modern History

Sadly, when pagan religions fell out of popularity during the first two millenniums after the birth of Christ, Marilith Monroe fell on hard times. She roamed the world doing odd jobs including (but not limited to) Leather Gloves Quality Assurance Tester,  the top one-woman applauding audience and America’s speed knitter four-time champion.

Marilith Monroe finally got her break on the movie screen when she was discovered doing a local play in the town of Bald Knob, Arkansas. She was taken away to Hollywood where she started in movies such as The Amrath Jungle, Gentlemen Prefer Six-Arms, How to Marry a Millionaire Yugoloth, Some Like It Horoth and her most famous movie, The Seven Year Litch playing the lead role, with the Wizard King himself, Raiyum, as a supporting actor.

Nearing retirement age, she decided to lease her trademark six-arm-snake-body-female look to TSR (now Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro) in their table-top roleplaying game Dungeons and Dragons.  The license was later expanded to include board games and video games, and promises to deliver a minimum of 100,001 innocent gamer souls who decide to sign any End-User License Agreement in order to play a game with her likeness being used as a monster.

Maralith Monroe in DDO

Today you can find her playing some of her famous roles such as Aurora the Wicked, Devashta, Keradi, Princess Aurelia and the ever lovable Queen Lailat. Players regularly visit The Court of Lailat, Extra planar Palace, Genesis Point, The Demon’s Den and a few others to get a brief glimpse of her shining movie-star form!

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  1. I really thought her best performance was in Astral Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    • Astral Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend is a great song! And Marilith Monroe’s version in Gentlemen Prefer Six Arms is far better than Carol Channing’s performance in the broadway orginal.

  2. Oh and welcome to DDOGamer! 🙂

  3. I was always partial to her breathy (and breathless, simultaneously!) rendition of “Happy Birthday Master Artificer”

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