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I had it pointed out to me the other day, rather forcibly actually, that there are still new DDO players. And some of them read this blog. All I can say, is thank the gods for you new guys/gals! Bring all your friends!

Maybe I can remember to cover some topics that are more useful/interesting/relevant for the new players. At least occasionally. Starting now.

Quest items are like props; things that you pick up in a quest that are only used within that quest. Generally you need them to complete the quest. Some are weapons, like the axe in VON1 and the sword in Relic of a Sovereign Past. But usually they are books or fragments or especially, keys.

Miscellaneous flotsam that serves no purpose other than to complete your quest. And usually, they remain in the quest. But not always, sometimes they leak out and remain with you after you’ve left the quest. Enterprising auctioneers have been known to place this stuff on the auction house. Pay attention; any money spent on a quest item is a total waste, much like money spent to see Carrot Top.

A few quest items always leak out of the quest, every time. And two of those are clearly designed to leak out. Because there are vendors that buy them. Not for very much, but still, anything you can get for a quest item is essentially free money. Even if only in tiny amounts. Like the amount of humor in a Carrot Top show.

Why am I picking on Carrot Top? I must be in a mean mood this morning. Probably still disgruntled from my Mimic Hunt review the other day. I will let it go. I’m sure Carrot Top is a perfectly fine human being. Nevermind that he has turned himself into the living vision of Pennywise from It.

[deep breath]

But I digress. Back to quest item vendors. Of which there are two:

Traagus the hobgoblin lives in House P and will buy your Tear of Dhakaan shards. You may end up with as many as six, and he will buy them all, although in an extra clicky, awkward sort of way. 10 platinum per shard.

Traagus the Quest Item Collector
Map included so you can see where to find the guy. Click to enlarge.

Yes. 10. Remember when you were new and 10 platinum mattered? Well, there you go, you can get up to 60 platinum for your Tears. Which are otherwise worth nothing at all. 60 platinum worth of free money.

The other collector of quest items is in Zawabi’s Refuge, the safe zone near the Menechtarun Desert. Behn the dwarf hides out behind some rocks near the mailbox, and he will buy your uncut gems from Maraud the Mines.

Wait, that is only partially correct. He will buy your Black Iron Ingots for 300 gold (assuming you have exactly five of them) but he does not really buy your uncut gems, so much as trade them, swapping for regular gems of the same type. Uncut jacinths, rubies, and fire opals become regular-old jacinths, rubies, and fire opals.

Behn the uncut gem collector
Map included again. Click to enlarge.

Behn is even clickier than Traagus; perhaps the clumsiest interface in the entire game. Especially if you are like me and run Maraud the Mines into the ground every life. Lots and lots of clicks. But regardless, opals and rubies have a base value of 100 platinum, jacinths 500, and it is all free money.

For trash that you were otherwise going to just discard.

Free money!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I did not know about Behn.. doesn’t mean I’m going to USE him, but it’s good to know πŸ˜›

  2. Should’ve probably also mentioned the Whisperdoom turn-ins. Not the same exact system, but…

    Also the Ancient Bronze Tokens. Though I guess both fall more into the “collectables” category.

    • Whisperdoom turn-ins definitely come under this too – and with the chance of the named items, they’re still very much worth it.

      The ancient bronze tokens i find can be useful if you want stuff for cannith crafting deconstructing, since that way you get essences and cash.

    • You are right (and thank you for your input!) about the Whisperdoom stuff, those are definitely quest items that are designed to leak out, even if turning them in is more of a supplemental end reward than anything else.

      Ancient Bronze Tokens, on the other hand, are not quest items.

      • Perhaps you can write a guide to the Whisperdoom items, as every time I try to explain them to a party I get blank stares, or hear crickets… People listen to you, Geoff πŸ™‚

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