Dec 182014

MizzazoneSo its been about an age since I last wrote a post. I was planning on making my Year In Review blog since alot of really cool stuff happened during the course of the year. But then certain things came up and that blog is going to have to wait for a while.

So,my last blog basically covered the fact I wouldnt be gaming for a while because I had to take care of my mother. A week ago she took a very sudden turn and had a cardiac arrest while I was out shopping for food. Due to the amount of time her brain was without oxygen she never woke up and was in a vegitive state. So me and my siblings made the decision that thats no way for a member of our family to spend the rest of their days and made the difficult decision to remove her from the machines. Not long after she passed peacefully.

Since then weve all been trying to manuver our way through all her stuff and the crap involved in trying to bury her(insurance and things involved with funerals are a pain in the ass). So, Im probably done blogging and playing DDO, LOTRO and WoW for the forseeable future. Im also in the process of moving back down to the PAC NW to be closer to the rest of my family so that might take a while as well.

I know its a strange thing to ask, but my sister wanted this shared with as many people as possible: I know not everyone has the ability to help but anything helps. The hospital bills and costs of a funeral are really damn high. The ambulance cost alone was $1,300. So, if you can help, a big thanks from me, if not then I completely understand(I know how tight money can be sometimes).

So thats about it for this blog.


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  1. I’m so sorry Natalie 🙁

  2. May you find PEACE

  3. Very sorry to read that

  4. Sorry for you loss Mizz :(.

  5. Your family is in my prayers, Natalie.

  6. *hugs*
    Bob will go donate.

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