Jan 312015

MizzazoneHowdy folks. Sorry Ive been so lax on blogging. I honestly thought that Id be able to be back at it. So this is probably gonna be my final update for a while.

Well, first off, the interwebz here sux. A lot. Badly. So so badly. Really, I thought it sucked up in Fairbanks, but it is SO much worse here. I dunno if its the area or the provider or maybe just bad luck, but it prevents me from playing the games I enjoy playing most with the people I enjoy playing them with.

Whenever Ive popped onto DDO, LOTRO, STO or SWTOR, Ive had nothing but bad broken connections. The only MMO that seems to be working for me right now is Destiny and even then I experience a fair number of issues(Lag in Strikes, connection issues in the Tower…). I know its the internet and not my computer because when I try to download a simple 10mb thing(like DLC) on my Xbox it can take like 30 minutes for it to finish. And that is WAAAY too long. Don’t even get me started on how long an 8 gig file takes! Thered be hair ripping if my hair wasn’t too short to even pull.

Its all a major bummer for me because I was really looking forward to being back to playing with the people I haven’t been able to play with in ages and the other people who I never really had an opportunity to play with before due to conflicting play times(They keep blaming “Timezones” but I know those aren’t real.). I was so excited about being back I even inquired about and applied to join this years players council. I think I would have made an amazing addition to it. Because, you know, Im an amazing individual. If someone would kindly lobby for Fighters and Barbarians to have ‘Trip’ replaced with ‘Spartan Kick’, that would be awesome. Thanks. But, with my internet issues, I cancelled the application. Ill try for next years if its still around then.

So, for now, Im just gonna focus on important life stuff. I gotta go back to school for a bit to get re smarted up then Ill very likely head into the military. When I finish up with basic and AIT, Ill see what the internet is like wherever I get stationed and try playing online again then. Im not holding my breath though. Everywhere my siblings have been stationed has had crappy internet. For gaming, Ill just stick to playing on my consoles for now. The internet may not be great on them but it at least seems to function a bit better.

Look! I got new movies!


If you haven’t seen the lego movie yet, Watch it. Its totally worth it.

So, that about it. Like I said, thisll likely be my last update for a while as I cant really think about what Id possibly have to share with no DDO, LOTRO or anything else.

So without further ado, I present a few thank yous:

Geoff Hanna: Thank you for letting me post my weirdness on your site. Also, for being old. Youre more like a young old person and that’s fun.

Grimorde: Thank you for your words of wisdom. Ive forgotten pretty much all of it. But I shall heed all the advice you probably gave. Even though I cant remember any of it.

Comic Relief: Thank you for putting up with playing early in the mornings on weekends for a year and a half straight before the last years troubles popped up. I shoulda pushed to play at 4am! “Hehe ; – )”

Evennote: Thank you for being a Princess Pony. Also, for being awesome in general.

Legendkilleroll: Thank you for being British. Don’t let the building place melt your car.

Bob: Thank you for being named Bob. That’s all you ever had to do.

Shindurza: For giving me a guild to play in on Cannith and essentially being the reason I kept playing DDO after my first month.

Kalari: Thank you for being crazy and for agreeing that DDO needs more hairstyles.

Cordovan: Thank you for the points and being a very informative person.

DDO Staff: Thank you for making a passable game. Its been fun.

LOTRO Staff: Thank you for making a game with a huge beautifully crafted world and music track. Seriously, its one of the best music tracks Ive heard in a game. Also, when do we get an expansion where all the races unite to eat the Hobbits?

Everyone Ive encountered not listed above: Thank you for the comments and whatever time we may have played together in game.

Everyone whos read my ramblings but never commented: Thank you for reading. I promise I only bite on Saturdays.

Thank you all for reading! Hopefully Ill see you all maybe in the future!


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  1. ♪♪ Everything is Awesome! / Everything is cool, when you’re part of a team…. ♪♪

    I still say you should call your ISP and let them know you’re having connection (and possibly speed) issues. Shouldn’t matter if your name is not on the bill – you live in the same flat (see what I did there, Grimorde? Hehehe.).

    Of course, I suppose you can also scan the area and see if anyone has an unsecured wifi network you can piggyback on. Hey, some people leave them unsecured on purpose (and if they don’t, that’s not your fault…).

    PS – I would have found a way to make 4 AM work.

  2. Words of wisdom? Me? Think you have me confused with someone else… 😀

    Comic – totally saw what you did there! 😛

    • Of course you’re wise! I’d be like ‘hi Grim!’ And you’d be like ‘Hi Mizz!’ And Id be like ‘yeah! She’s so wise!’. Mmhmm!

  3. Where are you that you have worse internet than Fairbanks?

    • Tigard OR. It’s not the whole area because when I connect to wifi elsewhere it’s smooth and fast. Here it’s just pukey. Like comic said, it’s probably just the provider. I don’t even know who the provider is. *sigh* Life of a Natalie is so difficult!

  4. Thanks for being Mizz 🙂

    See you when we see you!

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