Feb 172014

The Mizzazone 2

Well, Ive really done it this time. Ive gone out of my way to make a blog title that will almost certainly decieve Samius. Or have I? Maybe the blog title is really just a figment of all your imaginations!

Anyways, here I am, writing a very rare midweek blog. Normally I wait until I know your all drooling in anticipation of my next blog before I actually write one. this time though, Im writing one right meow. Why? I forget, to be honest. But Im writing this darned thing anyways if its the last thing I do!!!

So, on Sunday, that was yesterday incase you forgot, I played DDO. Why? Because it was friggin Sunday! Sheesh! As usual I loaded up my steam and launched into the game. This was followed by Spazz moaning and groaning about how I wasnt sharing my cheese with her, but thats a different story. When the game loaded up I did what I always do. I sat there and aggrivatingly waited for the game to disconnect/crash. Always does that on a first loading for some stupid reason. So I relogged in and got ready to unleash all hell upon my foes. Also, maybe a sparkly rainbow or two. Skittles. Taste my rainbow bitches.

Once I got my crappy daily dice reward(and it was oh so damned crappy), I opened the guild screen and came oh so close to throwing the biggest party you could possibly imagine. Normally when I log in I change the guild roster to show whos online and this time, instead of two people, I saw three people! I was so excited I almost shit my pants! I thought with all of my dark little heart Evennote was online. Alas, it was not to be. One of the people was, of course, Comic. The other was Nessana(I think I spelt that right). Well, the first thing I did was introduce myself since Id never seen them before. I went out of my way to make sure they understood how important a person I am. I mean, I am an Empress after all!

After that I told Comic I wanted to run Chronoscope which he was totally down for. Then he invited Ness and we became a party of three. Going through Chronoscope with us three was kinda like riding a big wheel. You go around knowing how much of a badass you are. Why? Cause youre riding a big wheel. Thats why. We managed to make it through the entire quest with no problems until the end fight when, sadly, I disconnected. When I made it back on the fight had already concluded which totally bummed me out. I would have made it back on quicker if my brain hadnt shut down and I almost logged into SWTOR. When we finished, I got a total of 2 pieces of named loot. The cloak & the heavy armor. Sadly, no crossbow. Maybe next time. After that Ness had to log off, so I said tah tah and thanks and off he/she/it went, into the sunset… Never to be seen again… Until theyre seen again.

When all that was finished, me and Comic ran Against the Demon Queen. It was pretty fun, to be honest. Though we had to reset it once because Comic broke Mr Clankers! Well, okay. He didnt break him. Mr clankers is usually broken regardless of anything. After the reset though, we were able to complete the quest with reletive ease until the freaky lady killed me. Killed Comic. Hires died. We all died. I blame Comic.Β Luckily, Comic had a cake! Next time we fought her we managed to win. Mostly because of my supreme dominance over supposed rulers.

After that, much to Comics dismay(there was much crying and pleading for me not to go), I had to go to bed. So off I went and sleep I did.

Onto other gaming news: As I wrote in my last blog, I started a Captain on LOTRO. Well, to hell with her. I couldnt get crits with her worth a damn which meant completing a certain combat related deed would have been a pain in my shiney white buttocks. So I decided to remake a character I knew would land a crazy number of critical hits: An Elven Champion. And holy smacker crackers! Does she land them crits or what?! Put simply, in two and a half days of playing my Captain I landed a whopping sum of 4/50 critical hits upon my foes. Within 30 minutes of unlocking the critical deed on my Champion, Id landed the daily max of 10/50. So that made me a very happy Natalie.

On the note of combat deeds: They still annoy the hell out of me. The reason is that theyre damn hard to accomplish. You level up so quickly in the game that eventually youre killing enemies way too fast to rack up your daily totals or have to really fo out of your way to find high enough level enemies to combat to get them.

You can only get them on enemies whos names are green on up. Smacking grey ones doesnt count. I can understand that bit. I dont like it, but I do understand it. After that, theres the fact that you can only do so many per day. Once you hit that daily total, the particular deed tracker freezes until the next day when you can do it some more. Sure, you can buy a thingy from the store that unfreezes it, but why? Really, that just sucks. Lastly, I do want to say thank you to Turbine for fixing the All In All deed for Champions. It was great being able to not be forced into using a 2H weapon in order to complete it. However, I think you guys made a small teensie weensie mistake when you fixed it. You see, as far as I can tell, due to daily limits, most of these deeds take an average of 4-5 days to complete. I hate it, but I accept it as it is. BUT, for some reason, the All In All deed is going to take a grand whopping total of 10 days to finish. I mean, really. Thats twice as long as every other deed man! So, um, thank you for fixing it but can you fix it again? Please pretty please with cherries on top please?

Which brings me to the last thing that still annoys me about LOTRO. I still hate how easy and quickly a person can level up. I know I know. No one seems to understand my dislike for this. I mean, really. No one plays MMOs for the content or the story. No. We all play for endgame grinds, right? Well, not me. I like being able to wear one piece of armor for a while without it suddenly being underpowered. Same with my weapons. I like being able to run through quests at level for the challenge of it. Also, I like being able to complete my combat deeds before all the enemies of an area go grey and I HAVE to move on. Its just fun taking my time and enjoying everything possible without having it all fly by. Sure, like with deeds, I could by an object in the store(the XP Disabler) again and all my problems would be solved! Except for the fact its bound to character and thatd mean buying one for each and every one. Sure, it looks like Turbine finally lowered the price. But for something like an XP Disabler, itd be nice if it could be bought as an account wide toggleable option. Especially since I spent almost $10 worth of points just to get mine.

Anyways, all that aside, I did have alot of fun on my Champion today. I almost finished Erid Luin. I just have a few side quests to finish up then the Drarf area quests and that should about wrap it all up. I dont have many slayers or explorers left to do but most of what I have left will likely finish along the way. After all that of course is the Shire. I actually like doing the Shire quests. They have some really fun ones in there. From delivering mail to delivering and fetching pies. Not to mention theres a place actually named ‘Scary’. So Im definetly happy to be almost there. I also bought the tier 2 amorsmith recipe book off of the store for my Permanent character so that I could craft all the Iron armors for my Champion.

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend though was recieving a very special mail on DDO from the ever so awesome information desk specialist for the Empire of Mizzaroo: Cordovan! It was pretty cool getting a snowy owlbear. As damned ugly as owlbears are, it was still cool to have a new pet for my stable. I decided to name it after the person who sent it my way, so its name is ‘Corddy’.

Finally, I now have enough TP on DDO to buy 1 of the 3 remaining quest packs. I asked on Twitter but I want to ask here too!

Anyways, thats it for this blog! Hope you all have great weeks!

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  1. I told you you could do it (Chronoscope) πŸ˜€

  2. I forgot, what server does Empress Mizzaroo play DDO on? Just wondering.
    Keep up the great blogging! Cheers! :P! :)! :D!

  3. Hmmm…which pack, indeed…

    Wiki says “High Road” is L18/L24, but I don’t remember doing L18 stuff. Still, it’s also over in Eveningstar. “Devils” used to be “the” endgame stuff and is in Eberron. “Secrets of Arty” has a lot of constructs to fight – and is also in Eberron. If you want “more variety” for stuff in Eveningstar, then go with “High Road”. Otherwise – flip a coin.

  4. I can’t really recommend a pack to buy because I really haven’t done all of the latest content as of yet and I haven’t been questing in Shavarath in quite some time. Good job against the Demon Queen!! I still owe her for her abusive treatment…lol.

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