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So, there I was, eating my orange when all of a sudden I realized the most epic thing in the history of things that are epic, my orange… it was ORANGE! I was just like, ‘Oh my goodness!’ and then I finished eating it. It was actually a very tastey orange. Did I mention it was orange? How cool is that?! An orange orange! Who’d have thunk it?!

Onto more pressing issues, to the peepers who peep my blog each week, Im sorry that I missed a week of blogging. I got sick weekend before last and I stayed that way for that weekend and throughout most of the week. So, hopefully this bloogy can make up for missing a week for you to peep my bloogy of peepery.

The official DDO news: There is no news. DDO is dead. LONG LIVE DDO! <- Not sure where I was trying to go with that.

The Mizza Zone

Well, weekend before last, like I said, I was sicky poop. But I still managed to play with Comic a bit. Sadly, my memory of what exactly we did is a bit on the foggy side. I do know that we ran Devil Assault level 12. It was during this quest that I realized just how sick I was. We were sitting at the door to enter the main fight area and I was waiting for Comic to open the door, he was jumping over my character back and forth when I asked him, ‘You ready?’ he responded with, ‘You gonna call your hire?’ now, this made me totally go blank. I was just staring at what he asked for a few seconds just thinking, ‘Hire? What the hell is a hire… OH! One of those!’. I called my hire, we entered, we killed, we won. Though the last wave was a bit of a doozy! Those big fat guys(Orthons?) were just oh so mean. Hitting us so hard like that is just SO rude! They hit us hard enough to where by the time we won our hires were pretty much out of mana. Luckily, Im a badass with my Xbow and can kill things good.

During the week I, of course, played SWtoR with the sister. Unfortunatly, she couldnt get on very much this week so what we did was pretty limited. I decided to start my Consular over. Made him into a her and made her a Miraluka instead of a Zabrak. No screenshots sadly. Sorry. Ill be sure to get one soon. When she hit lvl 10 I took Sage as her advanced class instead of Shadow. I figured that going forward having the ability to heal would be better for us than the ability to do melee damage.

The other reason I picked Sage is that I started a Sith Inquisitor. When she hit lvl 10 I picked Sorcerer(the Sith opposite of Jedi Sage) and really had alot of fun with it. More so than I thought I would. Id pretty much just sit back and let my companion do most of the damage and when needed Id stop attacking and start healing. I was alot better at it than I thought Id be. Now, I know that healing an AI controlled companion is (slightly) different than a human player, but it was good practice and ultimatly made me think that a Sage would be the better class for me and my sis. Also, I decided to take the Biochem crafting skill so that I could make us some bomb ass medpacks and stimpacks.

We managed to finish the Black Sun area and the Justicar areas which leaves us with just The Works and the Jedi Temple Ruins. So, we’re excited to be finally almost done with Coruscant. We ran the Justicar area Heroic 4 quest and boy oh boy we had a doozy of a time. BUT! We won. It was real intense at points though. The most intense bit was facing the boss at then end. Now, Ive solod this quest before so I gave her a few options before we went up the elevator to face him. 1: We could just try to take him and his two bodyguards on. 2: She could distract him while I grab the quest item then 2A: We could try to beat him or 2B: We can run like hell. We ended up going for 2A. Took out his body guards with AoE attacks. Or at least one of them. I had to slam a big ass rock into the other ones head cause he was attacking me. How rude is that, right? Then I started focusing on shielding my sister and healing her and trying to assist with dealing damage to him all at the same time. For the most part I hit him with a constant stream of DoT attacks so I could focus on healing her. Then I noticed I was still taking damage. After another hit, I realized the boss was using an AoE attack himself so I backed up out of range of it and continued my assault/healing. In the end, we won. Took some breaths. Claimed our quest rewards. She chose a new robe and I took the planetary comms. Then we got off inside The Works.

I decided recently to use my Cartel Coins to buy the Human Hair Colors/Styles from the Cartel Market. My first thing I did was make a Human male Bounty Hunter with bright Purple hair, again no screenshot but Itll come. Its pretty awesome because his voice is pretty much like a Clint Eastwood style kind of talking and yet he has purple hair. So it makes me laugh.

During the week, I managed to make alot of moolahs off the GTN(The SWtoR AH) from selling phat lootz and crafted items. First thing was a piece of artifact droid gear I sold for 10k then a artifact Resolve Hilt 3 I sold for 1k. lastly I made 10 Prototype Compact Medkits that I split into 2 stacks of 5 and sold for 5k each. All items sold, which was awesome. The droid gear was the biggest shock. I honestly didnt expect it to sell at all. So, Im likely to continue making medkits and selling them on the GTN in hopes to continue making lotsa credits.

On Friday, I got off SWtoR early and decided to restart my Favored Soul on DDO. So, I did. Went to Stormreach and holy crap, they really did change it. Hey, Turbine, I liked it just fine the OLD way. Really, I think the NEW starter area in the Harbor is just plain stupid. Theres nothing there. Like Grim said in response to a comment I made on one of Erdriques blogs, now you dont have to swim out to the lighthouse, you can run along some docks to get there. But thats where you start now, is at the Lighthouse. Why? Like I said, there not a damn thing there. You have to run all the way around just to get to the places that are useful now. Sure, ‘You can still swim though Mizz!’ yes, thats true. But if youre new to the game, you wont think that and will likely end up running all the way around trying to find places. the old starter area you started out right next to a Tavern which had a ressurection guy in it and two quests. So, I dont see why they changed it. Pointless and stupid in my opinion, but hey, since Im not a dev Im just an idiot who doesnt know what shes talking about.

What I did find interesting was that the ship thats where the old starting point was is in sad shape with its Captain crying about how its sinking. This got me thinking, the ship was docked. How the hell could it be sinking? Then it occured to me. Do you all know who/what is dumb enough to sink a docked ship? the answer: Blondes. It was a blonde that did the ship in. Theyre the only creatures in exsistance to be dumber than a Kobold. If there was an IQ test held for the various races of DDO and a blonde represented Humans, the Kobold would come in last place and the blonde would be a no show, thus being disqualified. Why? Because she was too busy staring in the mirror at home trying to figure out which of her eyes had the Q that was going to be tested.

In other news, sometimes I get bored with video games and have to do something on them thats ‘interesting’. So I started playing Morrowind again and my hero character is definetly unique. Everyone in the game calls her ‘Grandma’.

Grams 1

Just look at that sweet looking old lady!

Grams 2

With a speed score like that she has the speed to beat you in a race the still have the strength needed to kick your ass when you finally cross the finish line!

So, you see? When I get bored, weird crap happens. I cant even begin to explain half the stuff I do when Im bored!

All game crap aside, this last week I started reading one of my books I bought this last summer. Its called ‘Spiders Bite’. Its pretty good so far. Im only halfway through. Its the first book in a series called ‘The Elemental Assassin Series’. With the way the first book is, Im definetly gonna be looking to get the second book sometime after Im finished. Also, this last weekend I didnt play DDO for 2 reasons. 1: I was still feeling blech. 2: It was time to light up the burn pile I mentioned in one of my past blogs. Me and my brothers set that pile of wood on fire then sat around it making S’mores and drinking beer. The dogs had fun too.

Thats about all Ive gotta write this week. Sorry if the blog was too long, but thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Hope you all take care, enjoy life and game time and… STUFF! Yeah!


Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

(On a normal basis I pick the “Song of the Day” based on whatevers playing in the background. However, I picked this one out a few days in advanced. So, if you ever click to follow the “Song…” links, enjoy. If you dont, FINE THEN! BE THAT WAY! I SEE HOW IT IS!)

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  1. You have excellent musical taste. You know, for one so young 🙂

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