Oct 122013

The Mizza Zone

And gets her hiney handed to her in the process!

So, a few days ago, I decided I wanted to try my hand at PvP on SWtoR. Why? I dunno. cause I can. As a Preferred player I can only do 5 per week. Stupid. But, eh.

The first one was the ‘Hutball’ one. Pretty much a ‘Capture the Flag’ match. It went horribly. We lost 7-0. Mostly this was due to the fact almost all the Imperial players were level 25+.

The next one was the typical best 2 out of 3 ‘Slayer’ matchup. Same poor matchup. Low level Republic players and high level Imperial players. Not only that, but the arena we were placed in has an area where players can cheap shot each other which I found to be dumb.

Ill get to the third match later.

Fourth match was another Hutball matchup. We actually had 2 high level players on our team this time but still lost 1-0. Which was signifigantly better than before.

Final match was a ‘Capture the Objectives’ match. Pretty much there are 3 objectives and 2 targets. The objectives, when captured, attack the other teams target. This was the first and only match that my team won that day. I actually managed to somehow win the MVP for it.

The third match is a story in itself. Why? Because for the first time in almost 14 years playing MMOs I felt the need to put my ignore list to use. I hate the idea of having to use an ignore list. Most people use them on a regular basis, I know. But not me. The way I see it is, if youre being an ass, I can deal with it. Ill just do what I can to not pay you any undeserved attention and keep doin whatever it is Im doing. However, this one guy was such an idiotic asshat that I seriously never wanted to be put on the same team as him. Ever. Again.

The match was a ‘Capture the Objectives’ match. During the cutscene he started giving instructions in chat. Okay no problem. He wants someone to go west? I can do that. Match begins, me and another person go West and capture the western turret. Everyone else goes east and caputres that turret. The Imperial team captures the Middle turret and try attacking the left one. Me and the other person sucsessfully defend the turret and the right side holds them off as well. Everythings going fine.

Then for some reason, a third person comes over to the left turret. The “leader” goes berzerk and starts cursing everyone out and calling names because ‘theres too many people on the left turret’. I see neither of the other two are moving to go help the right side so I head that way to assist. By the time I get there the Imps have managed to capture the right side. Turns out they decided to bring their entire team to attack it.

Mr “leader” is still cursing everyone out even though we’re still winning. On one hand hes saying there only needs to be 2 people guarding the left turret. On the other hand we’re all a bunch of stupid fucking noobs and theres not enough of us attacking the right turret. So pretty much, we’re following his “directions” but its just not good enough. Through all his angry typing a more reasonable person chimes in and instructs us to attack the healer first then the casters. So I do just that. I attack the healer and the casters.

In the end, the problem was there just was to many Imps holding the right side. When I say they brought their whole team to bear, I mean it. 3 of us vs 5 of them isnt gonna get us very far. Then when you factor in the fact that one guy is constantly cursing everyone out it kinda makes you wonder, ‘What are they doing more? Typing? Or trying to help us win the match?’. Everytime someone died ‘OMG you fucking noob!’ every 30 or so seconds ‘OMG you guys fucking suck!’.

We lost the match. It was a close one. The Imp bunker was down to 8% or so health. It was well played and hard fought and we lost. It happens. 4 of us gave out the usual ‘good game’ stuff. Mr “leader” continued his tirade. When we tried to settle him down it only seemed to make him worse. It wasnt until someone told him, ‘Dude, its just a game.’ that he not only looked like an ass, but he looked like a complete idiot. His response? ‘NO ITS NOT JUST A GAME YOU FUCKING NOOB!’. Yeah.

After the match I headed back to fleet. I was kinda pissed. When I got there, I saw him in the general chat STILL cursing about it, blaming everyone but himself. Because, you know, we’re all noobs and he must be oh such a pro! Theres no possible way he could have made mistakes! I just said screw it. I put him on my ignore list so Id never be put into a match with him. I joked about it a little with my guildies about 10ish minutes later. Turns out, one of them was having a “great” time being in the same PvP group with him. Apparently, hes a jackass in every group who curses everyone out.

Whod have thought that someone named Hansolo could be a complete asshole, eh? 😉

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(Yes, Im aware this blog had nothing to do with DDO. Im playing DDO tomorrow so Ill try to churn one out tomorrow.)

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  1. Write about whatever you like Mizz 🙂 If you want to keep writing about SWToR regularly I’ll be happy to set you up with a category for it.

    I have two level 50 SWToR characters but I haven’t touched them since they capped. Fun game, but I could never see it as an ongoing MMORPG time investment. More like Knights of the Old Republic III.

    And from that viewpoint it was very good, very good indeed. Now that it’s F2P, maybe I should cap another character?

  2. Also, Isn’t 55 cap now?

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