Jul 102011

Ever notice that your archer is holding a stick? No bowstring, no arrow, just a stick that flexes when you prepare to fire. An arrow appears after you fire, more than one if using multi-shot. Correctly colored arrows even, for instance purple when Arcane Archers fire force arrows.

I’ve been living with this for five years and never had an issue. Never really even noticed. It is officially and completely “NOT IMPORTANT”.

But still.

I wouldn’t have noticed at all, except I was doing a portrait of Mawry for this post and I went ahead and added the bowstring and an arrow. It looks good! Much better, actually. Compare this to an earlier portrait done without any archery embellishment:

Arrowy Arrowless

See what I mean, not a big deal, yet there it is, pulling at you in a subtle but annoying way. Like watching a good movie, but with a barely-visible CGI glitch that reminds you that you are watching a movie.

I definitely recommend that this be added to the planned upgrade list! Right after crafting is completed … and druids … and gnomes … and spears and slings … and guild features … and improvements to myDDO … and … oh crap, I can’t imagine this ever getting adjusted.

But that’s okay, I may be the only person in the entire world that is bothered by this, and even I am not really bothered. Hey it took me five years to even work up this much rant over it.

Mind over matter: there is no arrow.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Yeah…it would be nice to have bowstrings and arrows. Or to go old school D&D at least a goofy energy string. Ah 80’s kid’s cartoons.

  2. “Matrix” reference – FTW!

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