Jan 222014

Midwinter BonusThreadbare but thoroughly optimized

Yesterday’s article was about the (very handy) Icy Burst modification that you can apply to your randomly-generated weapons as part of the Risia Ice Games. But there is more than one set of winter games in play right now, and I don’t want to neglect those that prefer Eveningstar’s Midwinter Festival.

I think the Midwinter Festival is visually more interesting in many ways; the snow drifting into untidy heaps all about town, the snowmen (snowmonsters?), the general wintry haze that changes the light and textures in town. All very atmospheric.


But the game prizes… not so much. I suspect that the Risia Games prizes are more appealing because more people have randomly-generated weapons (which the Risia Games enhance) than have randomly-generated armor or shield (which the Midwinter Festival enhances). There is a lot of named armor in the game, and as a general statement, it is better than what one can find randomly.

Polar Bear CubShields too, although I am not much of a shield expert as I only have a couple of characters that use one and none that are running Epic content.

This is not to say that the Midwinter prizes are useless: not at all. There are more prizes than just armor enhancements: fire shield potions, three kinds of cookies, and at the top of the reward chain, the Polar Bear Cub companion which cannot be acquired any other way.

But I digress; this is not about the Polar Bear Cub, cute as it may be to those that covet such things, but rather is about the one set of armor I found to enhance. Because I did find one. Knicker’s armor. To be specific, the starter rags that she is still wearing.

Now they are crafted Starter Rags of Fire Resistance.

Threadbare but pimped out
Every aspect optimized
Super Starter Rags

Hey, if you’re going to wear something for effect, may as well make your affectation as effective an effect as you can.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. LOL lovely thought, those rags Geoff!

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