Oct 302009

When the update came out yesterday, +2 tomes were suddenly modified so that they all act as if they have a minimum level, even those that were no ML.

Dev postings on the forum make it clear that it was not a nerf, more of an unintended consequence, yet anger abounds. People spent a lot of money hoarding (very expensive) non-ML tomes and these people all had their investments nullified by an “unintended consequence” with little warning and no recourse.

I am one of those affected, but I am not one of those posting angry rants, I just don’t really see the game in that way. I did stash a pile of tomes but… whatever… I’m not out any real money. As a bonus I am free to simply give them to guildies or my own lowbies without clenching because they are no longer made out of pure platinum.

Today Eladrin posts that they are going to do a special grandfathering fix for older tomes in the next patch, but only for those consumed BEFORE the next patch. And Tolero posts that there will be a patch at 7:00 tomorrow! (Today actually by the time I write this). So we have about fifteen hours to try and move older tomes or use them on our own lowbies.

Another guildie with a batch of tomes and I spent the whole night spamming the trade channel. It was kind of fun, in a not-really-fun sort of way. Other guildies came and went as the night progressed. Lots of time for conversations. We were in the marketplace* and therefore got to participate in the ever-scrolling thrill ride that is General Chat. An old friend reappeared who had left the game several months ago, saw what we were doing, and gave us a bunch of tomes. Now we actually have more than we started with, and the clock is tick tick ticking…

(*) Seven instances of the marketplace tonight! I <3 F2P!

By the time we called it a night we’d each made about half a million plat, about 60 gianthold relics, and a net gain of several tomes. Money for nothing! But no kicks, not even kicks for free, as we had no time for quests at all. Meanwhile our guildmates are slamming the new content and spamming guild chat with fun stuffs and phat loots*.

* I can’t believe I just typed the phrase “phat loots”. I promise not to do it again. Unless I have to.

Now the patch has been delayed (no new date announced yet). And I still have a batch of tomes that are hugely valuable now and much less valuable the day the patch drops.

Wanna buy a tome?

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  1. Phat lewts for sale! Get them while they are still phat!

    As a new player, I can’t help but find this funny 🙂

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