Jun 222015

Mawry Haversack, FeyBuckler

No longer a Completionist for reasons that are totally out of her control, Mawry sets foot once again on the path of reincarnation, beginning a run through yet another life as yet another class, this time a Warlock.

It is surprisingly difficult to think of a Warlock build for Mawry that fits her lifeview. Warlocks are not self-healing. Nor do they provide backup healing capability, although one may pile on the UMD and wave scrolls around.

I knew this quandary was coming. I’ve known it for weeks, turning the problem this way and that in my subconscious, hoping to find a solution, a new and unique Warlock build, something that will jump out and identify itself as the obvious candidate.

But no obvious candidate is forthcoming.

Huh. Well, maybe this will be easier if I can at least define those things that Mawry will not be. And that part is easy, she will not be a Tainted Scholar (sell your soul to a demon? No. Way too evil). Nor will she be a Soul Eater even though the new Confusion spell looks fun (sell your soul to Chtulhu? No. Still way too evil).

So she will be a fey Enlightened Spirit. Meaning, she will have an aura, and her blasts and aura will do sonic damage. CHA-based. Sonic. The aura seems to indicate a melee build. Maybe a tank? Paladins are CHA-based, that could work. Or maybe … maybe a Swashbuckler? Bards are certainly CHA-based, and have sonic damage of their own.

Much thought ensues over the next few days. I decide that a swashbuckler sounds more fun to play through the heroic levels than a tank, mainly because I have never played one all the way from one-to-twenty before. But I have played Mawry as a tank, more than once.

Delicious agony over the exact class split. Definitely want Coup de Grace, meaning I will need five levels of bard. There does not appear to be a significant difference between a 13th level warlock and a 15th level warlock so I have a couple of levels of slack that I can use how I see fit.

In the end I come up with warlock 13/bard 5/fighter 2. A Single-Weapon-Fighting, Swashbuckling, Buckler-wearing ball of halfling-shaped fury, a build that should have scorching melee DPS but may lack inherent survivability. Max Charisma and near-max Constitution but little else.

I am calling this build the “FeyBuckler”. Because I can. I’ll post the details another day. I am still mentally fiddling with the leveling plan and a few other miscellaneous bits (like a decided weakness in Attack score).

But details be damned, I’m already committed. Mawry has walked the Green Mile and come out the other side as a 1st-level Bard. Nothing for it now but to power on.

Another life. Another.

It is noteworthy that I keep having to redo Mawry from scratch, yet each time I am able to find a new way to play her, one that will be effective and yet is different, something I’ve never done before. This time, swashbuckling.

I am looking forward to it!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. if you drop to 12 warlock, pick up a 3rd level of ftr (or hey, want some more survivability go paladin for some healing) and you can take a defense stance too

  2. You cant take Pally with Bard levels, sadly

  3. Being a new class, you could always try the 1-28 road, as a pure warlock… I know, I know, what was I thinking?

  4. Stick mainly to swash buckler and enlightened spirit tree. splash a little war chanter for rough and ready Go forth to Prance like a pulsing fey dandy.

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